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Find the Artist Within

Can anyone be an artist? People admiring my work often say, "I could never do that!" I say, "Yes, you can!" Eight years ago, during a very difficult time in my career in finance (Downsizings, layoffs - let's not talk about it, OK?), my company sent me to a development workshop for female executives. I came out of a particularly thought-provoking discussion group and penned the following very prophetic free verse.

Why Do We Need Creativity?

Creativity is central to the management of our individual lives, but in modern times few people are able to access this as a resource. Alan Watts writes in The Wisdom of Insecurity:"We have allowed brain thinking to develop and dominate our lives out of all proportion to 'instinctual wisdom'; which we are allowing to slump into atrophy.

7 Techniques to Supercharge your Creativity and Solve your Problems

Do you ever encounter problems, challenges or obstacles in your business? If you answered 'no,' then you can stop reading and continue to rake in the fortune you must be making. For the rest of us, the answer of course is 'yes.

Telling It Like It Is (Or Can Be)

When you hear, "tell me a story," does your mind suddenly go blank? Don't panic. The good news is, you're already a natural storyteller! Surprised? You shouldn't be.

12 Ways To Boost Your Creativity At Work

As workplaces continue to rightsize and downsize, we all find ourselves doing more with less. How do we stay ahead of the workload while staying sane? The key is to put your creativity to work for you so you can do more with less and shine like never before.

Unlock Your Creative Secret Weapon

It seems like this week a ton of people have been asking me how they can become more creative. I even had one client jokingly accuse me of being in cahoots with the Devil in trade for my creativity.

20 Ways to Keep Your Writing Inspiration and Creativity High

When stressed or blocked it is wise to make a change so thatwe don't stay in that place. Yet, many times we forget someof the simple things that we can do for ourselves, quicklyand easily to bring our inspiration back and increase ourcreativity.

Break An Egg For Creativity

In 1420, the dignitaries of Florence held a competition.They offered the enormous prize of 200 gold florins to the architect whose genius could span the unfinished dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Top Ten Ways To Jump-Start Your Creativity

1 - Take A Tour of the Great Outdoors Consider a hike in the mountains, a stroll beside the river, a run along the beach, a jog through the park or a walk around the city.2 - Soak Up Your Surroundings like a New Sponge Open your mind to the unknown and grasp the little details often overlooked in every day life.

Creativity And You

95 percent of what we know about the brain, we have learned in the last 20 years. So, your beliefs about creativity were probably shaped by faulty information.

Riches Through Creative Thinking!

When solving problems after you have exhausted the normal means of coming up with the solution, think in terms of unorthodox methods. Vary your thinking and try to solve the problems by creating something completely new and irrelevant.

3 Clever Creative Strategies!

I've got a confession to make..

Rejuvenate & Re-Fuel Your Inner Drive

I believe that as solo-entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives we all need a pat on the back. Give yourself commendation.

How To Increase Creativity... Set Deadlines!

Deadlines are something all of us face from time to time. We face deadlines whenever we set even a small goal and commit to accomplish it.

Three Ways Journaling Can Boost Your Creativity and Your Business

I have a friend who has struggled with her creativity for a long time. She's extremely uncomfortable thinking of herself as "creative.

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Zapping the brain improves creativity  The Economist

Electric currents can help lateral thinking and cognitive flexibility.

Creativity At The Core Of Business Results: Q&A With ABI U.S. CMO Marcel Marcondes  Forbes

On the occasion of the 2019 Cannes Creativity Festival, I sat down with Anheuser-Busch InBev CMO, Marcel Marcondes, for his thoughts on creativity and ...

Annecy 2019: Disney Plus, ‘Spider-Verse,’ Anime Drive Animation Biz, Creativity to New Heights  Variety

ANNECY — There has never been more business or delegates at the Annecy Animation Festival. Presentations popped. Sneaks peeks, table talk, frenzied ...

Are brands measuring the impact of creativity?  Marketing Week

An exclusive study by Marketing Week finds that while almost two-thirds of marketers are measuring the impact of creativity, they are still reliant on more ...

If creativity fuels growth, who's fuelling creativity?  CampaignLive

Accenture Interactive has been expanding its global creative family to offer brands a unique take on creativity.

Explore, experience, engage: what we can learn about creativity from these 15 artists  YourStory

Three recent exhibitions by a range of talented artists shed light on the importance of experimentation, courage, persistence, audience connection, and ...

Facebook toasts creativity, diversity and community at Cannes Lions

Next week, Facebook and Instagram will bring together diverse voices from communities around the world to host conversations about inclusivity and celebrate ...

Seven Places In Dallas To Rejuvenate And Boost Creativity  Forbes

Daily tasks and creative work can be wearing. Here are some ideas for areas worth checking out when you need a moment to recharge.

Creativity shines at Novato maker workshop  Marin Independent Journal

Caleb Eigner, 5, left, of San Rafael, helps his brother, Jakob, 6, create a solar-powered fountain during a Craft-n-Create Family Maker Workshop at the South ...

VidMob building ‘API for creativity’ that uses first-party data to fine tune video ad elements  Marketing Land

VidMob has raised $25 million in its latest round of funding. The company said it will use the money to further develop its Agile Creative Studio, an API platform ...

Are People with ADHD More Creative?  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

9 ways to cultivate creativity  Fast Company

The word “creativity” often evokes visions of the artist at work—a painter splashing color on a canvas or a writer drafting the next great novel. These images do ...

The Avengers and alchemists: data-led creativity at Shell Brands International  The Drum

The challenge for brands is no longer a lack of knowledge on who their consumers are, but why they behave as they do. Marketers have access to a wealth of ...

The ultimate expression of human creativity is the birth and nurturing of children  Seattle Times

I believe as a matter of public policy abortion should be legal but limited to the first trimester. My opinion is guided by what is pragmatic to resolving the abortion...

14 Celebrities and Influencers Who Put Creativity at the Heart of Everything They Do  Adweek

Sure, it's impressive to be good at what you do—and especially to get famous for doing it. But that's not enough to land a spot on Adweek's annual Creative 100.

NBCU Pushes Creativity at Cannes Ad Festival  Broadcasting & Cable

After pushing data and technology as ways to improve TV commercials, NBCUniversal is going to the Cannes advertising festival extolling the virtues of creativity ...

How to balance creativity and data in fashion, according to industry experts  Vogue Australia

Straight from the fashion panel at Vogue Codes Sydney Live.

The Trifecta: How Art, Data And Technology Drive Creativity At WE Communications  Forbes

In 2017, when he was executive creative director at the digital agency POSSIBLE in Seattle, Ray Page led his team on a campaign that changed the way he ...

Parenting book author says school system, overprotective parents killing kids' creativity  Japan Today

The bizarre and unreasonable rules schools in Japan enforce upon children are not preparing them for the modern world where technology is changing what it ...

Brewing a culture of creativity to lead future growth  The Drum

One thing's for sure. People's expectations for brands have changed, but our playbook for marketing had not.

Are England lacking creativity?  Yahoo Sports

Fara Williams discusses the tactics England should deploy against Argentina in the Women's World Cup.

The Man Who Saw Creativity As The Last Unfair Advantage Legally Allowed In Marketing  Forbes

Or as Bernbach put it, “It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we're legally allowed to take over our competitors.”

Measuring the effectiveness of creativity in marketing  Marketing Week

With the increased attention put on determining the impact of media, creativity has seemed to be in decline but new methods and a renewed focus could reignite ...

Midwestern Nerds Bring Their Passion And Creativity To Indy PopCon  Nerds and Beyond

There's more than corn in Indiana based on the variety of fellow nerds at Indy PopCon last weekend! Held at the Indiana Convention Center on June 7-9, ...

Using creativity to get ahead in business  The CEO Magazine

Tips on how to use creativity to gain the competitive edge in business and why it's such an important skill.

At Pitti, A Shot of Creativity Amidst the Stuff | Fashion Show Review, Multiple, Menswear - Spring 2020 | BoF  The Business of Fashion

FLORENCE, Italy — Fashion used to be about emotion. Now it's about stuff: collections that are surgically designed according to formulaic briefs set by ...

Sustainable Missoula: Repurposing textiles requires creativity, thrift and ethics  Missoula Current

Need and creativity have always been interwoven. Our ancestors learned to create wearable protection and temperature control from the skin and hair of ...

Teaching Innovation And Creativity In Japan: Is 'Spinach' The Problem?  Forbes

The Japanese government wants schools to spark more creativity and innovation. But could there be some unspoken cultural barriers to this transition?

Low-Budget Tampa Bay Rays Parlay Pitching, Creativity Into Playoff Path  Forbes

The Tampa Bay Rays trail the American League in payroll and attendance but stay near the top of the AL East with potent, often unorthodox pitching.

Finding creativity at Art in the Park | News

Kate Langlais-McGrogan, teaching artist, welcomed children and adults Thursday in Central Park to learn some art techniques and express themselves ...

The Handmaid's Tale Ane Crabtree's creativity tips  Fast Company

Ane Crabtree, costume designer for The Handmaid's Tale, The Sopranos, and Westworld, explains how to find inspiration.

Russell Parsons: Proving the effectiveness of creativity is key to profitable marketing  Marketing Week

In the battle between effectiveness and efficiency, the role of creativity and how it can power profitable marketing is being lost.

Can AI Crack The Code For Creativity?  Forbes

For Oxford mathematician Marcus Du Sautoy, creativity is a mystery that AI could help unlock, leading humans to new heights of invention and innovation.

CommonWealth Magazine  CommonWealth magazine

TODAY WE MUST educate children for jobs that don't yet exist, using technologies that haven't been invented. The tumultuous change on our planet, in our ...

Steamboat's Colorado New Play Festival is a great hub for creativity  The Know

The week-long event in Steamboat Springs ups the ante by showcasing the creative process behind a new play or musical.

Renewing A Guitarist's Creativity  WFYI

Curious Mix contributor Sandy Roob introduces us to guitarist John Alvarado.

Creativity: A question of impulsiveness: Economists have conducted research into how to best allocate time between creative and routine tasks  Science Daily

How can employees' working time be organized so as to enable them to perform in the best possible way when completing both creative and routine tasks?

Flat beer sales push brewers to tap their creativity

A closer look at the day's most notable stories with The National's Jonathon Gatehouse: brewers are getting more adventurous with their products and marketing; ...

TikTok asks users to showcase creativity on platform; refrain from videos violating community norms  Economic Times

NEW DELHI: Short video app TikTok Friday urged its users to leverage the platform to showcase creativity and asserted that it does not endorse or promote ...

Adweek's Creative 100: Meet 2019's Most Fascinating People in Marketing, Media and Culture  Adweek

Our annual list of the inspiring leaders and rising stars who shape the way we see our world.

10 Clear Signs Your Team Is Creatively Inclined  Forbes

Creativity can help turn a simple project into something wonderful, or find solutions to long-standing problems within a company. Here are some signs or traits to ...

Create Princeton to nurture the community's creativity | Lifestyle  Princeton Times Leader

Art is a creative outlet that gives people the ability to express themselves. Create Princeton is trying to help the town of Princeton do just that.

Businesses can tap student creativity  Otago Daily Times

A call is being made for more Dunedin businesses to take part in a University of Otago marketing project and tap into the creativity and innovation of students.

The Link shoes are an eclectic mix of madness, creativity, and innovation!  Yanko Design

I'll be honest, I'm used to seeing some incredibly ludicrous designs. Floating phones that can take hands-free selfies? Sure. A side table that's also a bluetooth ...

Diageo introduces creativity training to 'inspire and challenge' marketers  Marketing Week

Diageo's new training programme, dubbed 'Creative Sparks', aims to bring creativity to every aspect of marketing from media to how to use insight, as well as ...

Exploring Creativity in Graduate School | GradHacker  Inside Higher Ed

How Nancy Andreasen's The Creating Brain can help us all be a bit more creative.

Cutting off Tech Awakens the Sleeping Creativity Inside Us  The Liberty Web English

We asked how people can raise their awareness to keep themselves from becoming a slave to the high-tech business. Author of The Myth of Capitalism.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: HitRecord is ‘GitHub for creativity’  VentureBeat

VentureBeat spoke with HitRecord cofounders Jared Geller and Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Collision 2019. "It's like GitHub for creativity," says Gordon-Levitt.

Three Newark filmmakers selected to attend Cannes, France Festival of Creativity  PIX11 New York

NEWARK, N.J. — Three local filmmakers from Newark are being sponsored and sent to Cannes, France to be a part of the Cannes Lions International Festival of ...

Millennial startup reimagines 'faith and creativity' in Instagram era  Fox News

A millennial startup that redesigns books of the Bible with modern appeal is now on a mission to bridge the gap between "faith and creativity" for the next ...

Why Leaving The Familiar And Embracing Ambiguity Is Good For Your Creativity  Forbes

Consistently drawing within the lines and staying with the “tried and true” is often the least safe choice for those who want to grow their business. A better bet is ...

Two Burnetters to take part in Cannes Creativity Festival  Sunday Observer

Two young Burnetters of Leo Burnett Sri Lanka, will represent the island at the upcoming Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.Kaishika Rodrigo and ...

Social threat unlocks the dark side of creativity, study finds  PsyPost

People exhibit more malevolent creativity after facing a social threat, according to new research in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. "We all ...

Creativity | Perspectives | Perspectives  KQED

Richard Levitt says creativity isn't an art. It's a skill that can be developed.

get up, stand up now: 50 years of black creativity  i-D

Meet the curator and artists participating in a landmark exhibition surveying 50 years of black British culture, opening at Somerset House this week.

Athens Teen Sewing Club combines community with creativity  Red and Black

Kids bustle about the colorful room, trimming fabric, threading sewing machines and taking measurements. The walls are lined with boxes of thread, fabric, ...

Brexit and Theresa May Have ‘Inspired’ Children’s Creativity, Experts Say  Bloomberg

Entries to a short story competition included The Cat Who Solved Brexit and A Unicorn Called Brexit.

Review: ‘Rockonomics’ Schools Us in the Costs and Benefits of Creativity  The New York Times

The suicide earlier this year of Princeton economics professor, Alan B. Krueger, colors the reading of his final book: a highly personal exploration of the ...

Creativity, Innovation, Community: What we Make in the create[space]  University of St. Thomas Newsroom

Since its start two years ago, create[space] has quickly become a hub of creativity and innovation on the St. Paul campus. The partnership between the Division ...

Richard Dunne: 'Ireland's lack of goals and creativity will be a major worry for Mick McCarthy'

The easy bit of Euro 2020 qualification is done as far as Ireland are concerned, so the hard part has yet to come.

How To Reclaim Your Attention And Creativity At The Office Amid Digital Distractions  Forbes

Our head of social media had unplugged. While she was on a 10-day vipassana retreat embracing total silence with no phone, we at the office were looking ...

Is Tech Undervaluing The Power Of Creativity?  Forbes

I recently heard a story from a friend about the legendary Nashville guitarist Chet Atkins that struck me as a good analogy for a challenge many technology ...

Creativity comes to life at a new Johnston pottery studio  WRDW-TV

A new pottery studio in Johnston is letting you get your hands dirty.

Four Artists on the Power of Black Creativity  AnOther Magazine

A new cross-medium exhibition, Get Up, Stand Up Now, opens at Somerset House this week, representing 50 years of black creativity. Here, we talk to four of the ...

Fashion and Style2 hours ago Creativity Can't Be Forced – Khiran  Leadership Newspaper

Creativity Can't Be Forced – Khiran Fashion has always been part of Nikki Khiran one of the pioneers of African fabric and fashion in Nigeria. From an early age, ...

Eckerd professor uses grant to study 'canine creativity' - News  Eckerd College News

Presley Carico crossed her arms and said, “Innovate,” just before her one-year-old black Australian shepherd, Ezra, lifted his paw to receive a treat. When she ...

Cultivating focus will spark your creativity  Quartz

If you're like pretty much everyone living in today's tech culture, you've probably lost the ability to focus on anything for very long. Brian Solis, a digital ...

Spotify programmatic sales boss: we can't prioritize data over creativity  The Drum

Even as Spotify, Adobe and Google trek across Europe together to get advertisers to make programmatic audio a larger portion their media plans, industry ...

Creativity, caring key to future workforce  9News

Australians should not be afraid that robots will rob the nation of jobs, a leading economist has declared, because creativity and caring skills will be needed to ...

Talkin' a good game: Palmyra's Nunnelly uses creativity as his strong suit  Herald-Whig

Palmyra point guard Bill Nunnelly, center, fights through a double team during the Missouri all-stars practice Tuesday night at the Hannibal Middle School in ...

How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion, And Joy  WAMC

Why spend countless hours indoors in front of screens when being in nature feels so good? In learning why and how to nurture our emotional connection with.

Art helps women find their identities, explore creativity  Iosco County News Herald

When Martha Zausmer was going through a difficult time in her life, struggling with loss, painting helped her find herself again.

Doing Creative Work When You Can't Stop Looking at Your Phone  Harvard Business Review

The onslaught of digital distractions is taking a big toll on businesses. A new survey from Udemy finds that it's a special challenge for Millennials and Gen Z ...

Listening to music may interfere with creativity - Harvard Health  Harvard Health

Listening to music can be relaxing, but it may interfere with your ability to create, suggests a study published online Feb. 2, 2019, by Applied Cognitive ...

Review: NBC's Songland is a refreshing dive into creativity  reality blurred

Each episode of Songland is different, with a new artist choosing from four songwriters' songs—and then revising and reworking them.

How AI is radically changing our definition of human creativity

Reeps One is speaking about the future of artificial intelligence at WIRED Pulse: AI at the Barbican, June 15, London, Artificial Intelligence event.

Creativity and shot making is why Weir loves playing Pebble  TSN

Mike Weir joins Bob Weeks to explain why he enjoys playing a course like Pebble Beach where creativity and shot making are more of a factor than distance.

Reigniting the spark: How brands are coming back to creativity  Marketing Week

In the latest Marketing Week Explores podcast, news editor Sarah Vizard and senior writer Charlotte Rogers discuss how brands are reigniting their creative ...

The Creativity of Human Language  Language Magazine

For most of us, language is like the air we breathe. Like air, language is invisible and all around us. We need it to live, yet we take it for granted. If, however, we ...

Robert Marks on Evolution and Creativity  Discovery Institute

I was explaining to one of our kids the other day a paradox about what our minds do. On the one hand, unwelcome thoughts or wishes come to us unbidden and ...

Creativity can jump or slump during middle childhood, a Stanford study shows  Scope

A new Stanford neuroscience study reveals that creativity can slump or bump between ages 8 and 10, depending on the individual.

Market is showcase for area creativity  Muskogee Daily Phoenix

If buying local is important, check out the Broadway Market clothing and accessory brand lines.

Temple: Mall business owner finds success in creativity  KWTX

Robert Brandenburg, the man behind four of the Temple Malls' local businesses, says he has a secret to mall success.

Summer camp encourages creativity and problem-solving  myfox47

Volunteers say this hands on activity helps kids learn and ignite their imagination.

APA Suggests Boosting Creativity Can Improve Health Efficiently  NationofChange

American Psychological Association, based on recent research, evokes the benefits of creativity on the human mind. Natalie Bell / NationofChange / - May 28, ...

The Creativity Code  Science Magazine

When asked about the origins of an evocative piece of music, a composer is likely to focus on structure and pattern, asserts mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

Flower farm’s creativity leads to multiple businesses  Lynden Tribune

Pure Peonies selling blooms nationally — 100000 in eight weeks.

Young people encouraged to unleash their creativity at Cruinniú na nÓg this weekend  Galway Daily

Young people in Galway city are being encouraged to fire up their imaginations and take part in some of the many creative activities on for Cruinniú na nÓg this ...

How Birds Eye is measuring 'return on creative investment'  Marketing Week

Birds Eye has overhauled its marketing strategy to put a greater focus on creativity, a move that is already having an impact on its performance and how it views ...

Introducing a New MacStories Podcast: Dialog, Where Creativity Meets Technology  MacStories

Federico and I are excited to announce a new MacStories podcast called Dialog. The show is a seasonal podcast featuring weekly, in-depth conversations with ...

The Popover King rules with creativity  The Boston Globe

At Popover King in Boston's West End, the popovers rise remarkably tall. Bronzed and crispy with its hollow center, the American version of Yorkshire pudding is ...

Girish Karnad: A fearless upholder of creativity  The Hindu

Girish Karnad, like many of his contemporaries, was as much critical of the Left as he was of the Hindutva Right. What made him stand apart from the rest was his ...

Creativity can be an engine for county | News, Sports, Jobs  Evening Observer

Talk about having an identity crisis. When many residents in Western New York hear the term Capital Region, the first thing they may think about is Albany and s.

Bringing Creativity Together  WTVR CBS 6 News

RICHMOND, Va. - The Richmond Night Market shines a light on the local art scene and the neighborhood surrounding the 17th Street Market.

Storytelling Festival rewards public speaking, creativity

Students at Midlakes intermediate School recently shared unique and creative tales during the three-day Storytelling Festival.The 19th annual festival saw ...

5 Ways to Inspire Creativity and Innovation in Your Employees  Entrepreneur

Help your team think outside the box by putting these five tips to work for you.

The Importance of Exercising Your Creativity  Fstoppers

Creativity comes in many forms, but something that all disciplines have in common is that you need to practice — not just your technical skill, but the act of ...

Newcomers to Franklin Art Scene bring long-held passions for creativity to June's event  Brentwood Home Page

By JOHN McBRYDE. A couple of recently opened businesses on Main Street in downtown Franklin will be hosting artists making their debut in the Franklin Art ...

Montgomery artist's work a gateway to creativity for children  Montgomery Advertiser

The Children's Gate at Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts was created by Vincent Buwalda, and funded by Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

Creativity, bias and privacy: The questions we still have about AI  Econsultancy

The Barbican's latest exhibition delves into AI – everything from ethics to the future of our species. But what are the key learnings for marketers?

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