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The 7 Simple Steps To Harnessing Your Creative Power And Achieving Incredible Success

Let me repeat what I believe is the most powerful and fundamental knowledge available to man:


Your desire for success brought this knowledge to you at this very moment, there is no doubt of that. But do you know how to harness it? To wield the power it makes available?

Every great man and woman to ever walk the Earth harnessed this knowledge and wielded a power that allowed them to exceed the limitations of regular humanity.

But if the power of creation is available to all of us, why is it only a small few ever achieve greatness?

Because only a few know how to harness this knowledge and wield the incredible power it makes available.

Do you know how? No?

Well listen up because you're about to learn.

The information contained in the rest of this article has the power to change your life forever....

The 7 Steps To Harnessing Your Creative Power And Achieving incredible Success

Follow the 7 steps to the letter and I GUARANTEE, your success will exceed the limitations of regular humanity.

Are you ready? Here we go:

STEP 1: Decide exactly what or how much money you want, not just "a lot" or "heaps". For example my present goal is $69,300/month. It doesn't have to be money here, it can be anything you desire.

And who knows, perhaps by the time you read this article I have already exceeded this goal and set a new one. Notice my goal is specific.

STEP 2: Decide exactly what your willing to give in order to achieve your dreams; as in time, money and effort.

STEP 3: Decide on a specific date for achieving your goal. Month and year.

STEP 4: Decide on a specific plan. You must have a plan, without one you cannot TAKE ACTION. is a great place to start your education.

STEP 5: (IMPORTANT) Write a clear "Promise" of:

-the amount of money you will make
-the time limit for getting it
-what you intend to give in order to get it
-and the plan by which you aim to get it

STEP 6: (MOST IMPORTANT) read your "Promise" aloud twice a day. Once after getting up and once before going to bed. As you read it - see, feel and believe yourself already making that money using the plan you have chosen.

STEP 7: For 1 minute after reading your "Promise" (or longer if you can) close your eyes and see yourself following your plan and the money actually already in your possession as a result.

Mix it with strong emotion; excitement, happiness, sense of achievement, self-admiration. The stronger the emotional cocktail the more potent your success will be.

That's it. I have just put into your hands the magic to create anything you ever dreamed of.

But remember, if you want to succeed you must have a plan. Do you have a plan?

Please follow all 7 steps I outlined above, they are not nonsense, but an incredibly potent process.

I VERY SERIOUSLY want you to be successful and happy beyond your wildest dreams.

I know you can do it!

By Murray Hughes

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