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Forget Thinking Outside The Box....GET Outside The Box

I happened to overhear a conversation the other day between two men?

Young man has started learning about real estate investing. He has read books and attended seminars put on by some gurus who make more money selling information about real estate investing than they do investing in real estate BUT at least he is taking the initiative to learn more. This is more than most people will do.

Old man owns his home. Young man wants to buy real estate as an investment?.apartment buildings, office buildings?that type stuff. Old man has no experience in this area. During the conversation old man says to young man?"are you doing anymore of that real estate nonsense?"

By "nonsense" I know old man was referring to attending the "get rich quick" type seminars and not a condemnation of real estate investing. BUT it came across as a condemnation of the young man's process of educating himself about something new...something that could improve his life and the lives of his family.

Unfortunately, you probably have people like that in your life. You may BE a person like that in someone else's life. People in your "box" don't want you getting out!

You know the type. Negative about any attempt you might make to improve your life?to be different?to stand out?.to be more successful than they are.

I heard a great analogy for this by attending a free investment seminar. I knew this guy would be advocating some risky financial moves but I figured since I was in the seminar giving business myself, that I might be able to learn something useful. I did.

The people you associate with most are probably just like you. You have similar educational backgrounds, families and incomes.. You live in houses and drive cars of similar value. You attend the same church?your kids attend the same schools?you shop in the same stores. You get the idea.

One could say you are in the same "box" or rut.

The analogy continues...

Unfortunately, the "instructions" on how to get out of your "box" are posted on the "outside" of your "box" where you can't read them. You'll need the help of someone who has already made it out, to "read" you the instructions so you can get out too.

It's not enough to get that help though. You'll probably have to deal with your "boxmates" who would rather you stick around to keep them company in their sad little "box."

In listening to the conversation between old man and young man I immediately flashed on the image of young may starting to climb out of the box and old man reaching up and grabbing him by the belt to pull him back in.

Sad but all too common I'm sure. If any of this sounds familiar you might have some hard decisions to make.

If completely getting rid of a negative person from your life is not possible (spouse, relative, employer) then you might have to clam up about your goals, dreams and desires. Discuss them only with people who will support you or preferably with people who have already done what you want to do.

Author Dan Kennedy has coined the phrase "mediocre majority" to describe most people. This is a group you want to avoid.

So, no matter what you want to accomplish, be it changing your life to get out of debt?starting a business?going back to school (imagine at your age!)?investing in real estate?mystery shopping?losing weight?taking piano lessons or anything else, simply get started and keep the pie hole shut! (salad hole if losing weight)

Good luck!

Leo J. Quinn, Jr. owner of is a financial educator from the Albany, NY area. For over eight years he has been helping thousands of people get control of their finances and get out of debt in a fraction of the normal time. He has a special offer for readers of this newsletter at

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