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All things begin in consciousness.

Consciousness originates everything that is manifest. Universal consciousness makes manifest the entire universe and subsides within its' creation. You and your individual consciousness are indivisible from the universe and universal consciousness.

That which you create or make manifest originates in your consciousness. Creation of any manifest reality (goal accomplishment) is the successful out-picturing of an ideal.

The process of creation starts with the ideal. The first realm of creation is the ideal, your idealization. Your ideal is made distinct, out of the infinite but imprecise potentialities available to you, by your clear, consistent thought patterns, plus your fervent desire for or love of your ideal, plus your constant fiat or promise to your ideal, plus your faith in or faithfulness to your ideal.

Your ideal is made definite, out of the infinite but imprecise potentialities available to you, by your firm belief in your ideal chosen through your discernment of what is ideal for you, plus your insight into its' value to others plus the wisdom to effectuate the ideal using natural law.

Then it moves the virtual. The second realm of creation is the virtual, your virtuality. Your ideal is proscribed as probable or virtually true, by your intention to effectuate your ideal, plus your objective or aspiration for your ideal, plus your gratitude for your ideal, plus your detachment from or objectivity toward your ideal.

Your ideal is described as probable or virtually true, by the clear picturing of your ideal in your imagination, plus your visualization or expectation of your ideal, plus your affirmation or declaration of your ideal, plus your congruity or accordance with your ideal.

Then it becomes real. The third realm of creation is your reality. You and your ideal will now have, in reality, achieved clarity, and, as a consequence, all your behavior will be in accord with your ideal. Your actions are true.

You and your ideal will now have, in reality, achieved lucidity, and, as a consequence, all your communications will be in agreement with your ideal. Your word is truth.

Then, finally, the result appears. The fourth realm of creation is your actuality. Your ideal manifests. Harmony of beingness, doingness and havingness has been achieved.

Here is another way to look at it; (often, the way to understand some thing or some process is to de-engineer it, that is, to take the result apart, piece by piece, and examine each piece to see how it contributes or is necessary to the result) ...

Success is goal accomplishment. Success is harmony. It is simply a matter of all the components of the process of creation working together to create the result.

The result is the havingness. Prior to the result is the doingness. Prior to the doingness is the beingness. Be, Do, Have.

The reality of your result can also be called its veracity. Is it true? If what you have is true to your ideal, then what you do must also be true to your ideal and how you are must be true to your ideal.

De-engineering your result, your success, you can see from the above-described process of success, that the words you speak or what you communicate and the actions you take or things you do must also be true or harmonious with the result. In order for that to happen, you must have arrived at a certain lucidity and clarity about your goals or results.

Clarity is achieved through detachment or objectivity from your goal. Lucidity comes from your congruity with your goal. These, too, must be in harmony with your result.

* Your ability to objectify or be detached from your goal comes from your gratitude for its existence.

* Your gratitude for your goal comes from your aspiration or ambition to achieve your goal.

* Your aspiration comes from your intentionality about the goal. Your ability to be congruent with your goal comes from your affirmation or assertion of its reality and value.

* Your affirmation comes from your ability to visualize or expect your goal.

* Your ability to visualize comes from what you choose to imagine, your imagination.

All these components or attributes must, likewise, be harmonious with your result or success.

* Your intentions about your goal arise from your faith in or faithfulness to your ideal.

* Your faith arises from your fiat or promise or commitment to your ideal.

* Your fiat arises from your desire or love of your ideal. Your desire arises out of the original thought that impressed or defined your ideal.

* Your ability to imagine your goal arises out of your wisdom or prudence that you apply to your ideal.

* Your wisdom arises out of the insight you have into the expected effectuation of your ideal, your insight arises out of the original discernment or acumen that you used to select your ideal.

* Your ability to discern arises from your original belief that expressed or articulated your ideal.

All these components, including your thought patterns and belief structures must, likewise, be harmonious with your result or success.

Your results can be shown to always be in harmony with your thoughts and beliefs, even when your results are apparently discordant with your ideals.

So, it all comes down to the basic components of thought and belief.

You are able to choose how and what to think. You are able to choose how and what to believe; how to be. You are at cause. Your beingness is the causal. Your result, what you have, is the effectual. Everything in between is the flow from being to having.

It is called doing. Doing is the application of knowledge. It is often said that knowledge is power. It is not. Knowledge only defines potential. It is through the application of knowledge that power is employed.

The exercise of your personal power is to consciously create and effectuate your ideals.

Be causal.

© Leslie Fieger. All rights reserved worldwide.

Leslie is the author of The DELFIN Knowledge System Trilogy: The Initiation, The Journey and The Quest plus many more success publications. He also the co-author of The End of the World with Hugh Jeffries and Alexandra's DragonFire with his daughter Ashley. Subscribe to his free and ad-free eZine at or

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