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There are many out there who wish to help individuals achieve limitless creativity. Such a noble endeavor to help fellow man; some creativity coaches are indeed working to set out simple principles which can help any individual get to that space. They are stead fast in their mission. One such gentleman I recently met was Dr. Nick Arrizza. He said;

"It is my hope to bring individuals back to an experience of their true and limitless creative abilities and to their human essence. Sadly this has been lost and much to the detriment of the human endeavour."

I have rarely run across such a man on a mission to heal the world. So I decided to read his many articles and step-by-step methodology about how one might go about this. He has several papers on these websiteas;

Well indeed. This is one major issue and important factor, which has impeded human civilization, a repeating one in fact which needs to end for us to get to the next step, I could not agree more. There are other factors as well. As society gets more complex without a major increase in biological evolution, we are stuck with an animal inside trying to mask our innate tendencies and still function as a whole and contiguous grouping. Problems arise when we train humans to do, instead of think so they can operate and function in the present period of incremental complexity. Some cannot do it. Not because they do not have the genetic material to do it, but because we have pre-conditioned them to be worker bees instead of thinking souls. Indeed it is necessary to have folks monitor the flows of the system without screwing it up using a protocol of known safety and reliability in the infrastructures and flows of the system. But we also need those who create the system, revamp it and realign it when it is too unnecessarily complex and fails to serve us. For instance: Health Care, legal, government leadership, educational system, etc, etc. These are opinions and observations entirely of my own, upon reading Dr. Nick Arrizza's works. It might behoove you to read his works to see where your mindset is.

Dr. Arrizza is an interesting person with some simple formulas which could help millions if not billions of people in the world come to a better understanding of their surroundings and minds and in doing so be more creative, productive and achieve such happiness as is their innate desire to achieve. At least this is the feeling I get when I read his articles. If he can do that for the world; Imagine what he can do for you? Think about it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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