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True Power Series Part I. Visualization: Image Production and Verbal Thought

(5 minutes a day)
There is no limit to what you can visualize. The most effective visualization usually happens when emotion is connected with a strong image as, for example, when you really want something specific that you think will make you happy. But, visualization can be used to change core beliefs, to combat what you may consider a negative belief, without trying to oppose that belief. Say you would like to have greater abundance, but you believe there's something inherently wrong with money. You want to make a change. To make that change, you can visualize all the positive effects affluence can have in you life. You can attach positive visuals, emotions, even sounds to the idea of money and begin to make new associations. This will begin the process of drawing affluence to you because your beliefs have been repelling it.

To do the visualization exercise, you must agree to suspend your disbelief for only five minutes a day. Agree to give yourself completely to this fantasy for that time without distractions, objections, fears, or doubts. You had no problem pretending you were Batman in third grade. The same sort of abandon is needed here. Bask in the fantasy for this short period of time and, when it's through, you can indulge in all of your doubts again though over time you will learn not to do so.

Visualization Exercise
The only time you can ever accomplish anything is in the present. The present is where everything happens, and there's tremendous power here. Look around the room. Take notice of where you are and how you feel in the moment.

Now, close your eyes and imagine that the thing you want is already in existence. Feel what it feels like to have accomplished what you want. Color the experience with as much feeling and emotion as you can muster up. Experience as if it had already happened, as if it was in the present. See it in your mind with as much detail as possible. If you're not good with visuals, then do the same thing through verbal thoughts, talking to yourself about what you want, repeating the idea in your mind, feeling and experiencing the sensation of the idea. Stay in the present while you're doing this. It's happening NOW. What you think of as your normal everyday life no longer exists. This new idea is what you're experiencing.

When you're done, drop the idea completely. Don't worry about accomplishing it, but do look for new ideas, impulses, gut feelings, and new energy that will begin to guide you to what you want.

Notice when you have thoughts during the day that contradict what you want, and realize they're just thoughts, non-active ones, because you're now building new beliefs. In other words, learn to write-off thoughts you don't want without combating them. You notice them and let them go.

It may be some time before your new beliefs or ideas "take." Even if you get quick results, keep doing the exercise. You want to make sure your new belief is more powerful than competing ones. It's important to do the exercise only once a day for the proscribed amount of time. More is not better because to do more is to focus on the new belief out of fear instead of trust, thereby defeating your work. Mindlessly doing the exercise and letting it go is always most effective. Give yourself a month before you check your progress, and continue to do the exercise as long as necessary.

If this exercise isn't your cup of tea, then look for upcoming articles on self-hypnosis, affirmations, diagramming, treasure-mapping, and much more. Or, think creatively of your own ways to visualize or affirm new realities for yourself.

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This is the first article in our "True Power" series. If you haven't been following the series, click here to read the foundational material on beliefs before continuing.

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