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New Inventions - From Absurd to Wacky!

New inventions? Heard of a revolving restaurant combination television tower? How about color x-ray pictures? Or heard of a new invention that turns the sea's salt water drinkable? These are wacky new inventions not having been fully used!

Are you on the lookout for shirts that don't require ironing? For $4,000.00, you are able to purchase a shirt processed out of titanium-alloy fibers interwoven with nylon. Suffering from persistent back pain? A new invention, based on data from the makers of SynchroMed, is an infusion system that works better and requires much smaller doses than intravenous methods. It's a pump that delivers the medication directly to the place where it can be virtually efficient. The new invention is paired with the world's first and only implantable and programmable drug pump. The morphine comes packed in a pager-size pump and set under the skin of the stomach. A minute tube or even catheter attached to the pump will inject a measured dose of medication to the fluid-filled space surrounding the spinal cord.

There are hundreds of new inventions introduced to the market.

Do you have a new invention worth patenting? The place to go to is the USPTO, United States Patent & Trademark Office. It is mandated by Congress to conduct the examination and issuance of patents and is responsible for setting the standards on what defines a new invention.

Even though you can't patent an idea, you are able to protect your invention in its beginning. Apply at the USPTO for a disclosure document. The date of initial conception of your new invention will be the receipt number that USPTO gives your document.

The disclosure document works in the favor of the individual who documents the invention's date of conceptualization. The USPTO leans towards granting patents to the individual who initially thought of the idea and took out a disclosure document to have it recorded. With the disclosure document for your new invention, you are able to move towards the patenting of the new invention.

A new invention is deemed patentable if:

  • The new invention is novel. It must be different. It shouldn't have ever been described in a prior publication and / or even publicly utilized or even sold.
  • The new invention is useful and / or utilitarian.
  • The new invention is non-obvious. It shouldn't be an extension of other inventions. Its function mustn't be readily obvious to a knowledgable host.
The 3 major categories which a new invention will be classified under are:
  • Utility - A vast majority of patented new inventions fall into 3 classes: chemical, mechanical and electrical. For mechanical and electrical hardware, the term utility refers to any "new and useful process, machine, manufacture, composition of matter or even any new and useful improvement thereof." As regards to chemical composition, the term "composition of matter" can include mixtures of ingredients, as well as, new compounds.
  • Design - This patent is given a new invention if it's a primary and ornamental design for an article of manufacture. Take a table as an example, it's utilitarian and has existed for centuries. The novel appearance of the table is protected.
  • Plant - This patent pertains to invented or even found, asexually reproduced, distinct and a new kind of plant. Asexual plants are those that have been reproduced by rooting of cuttings, budding, grafting apart from seedlings. Patents for design and plant have shorter terms in comparison with utility patents.
  • New inventions come in all shapes and sizes. They can be wacky, absurd, practical, revolutionary, even unexpected. Have you got one?

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