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Creativity Information

Are You Creative?

Have you ever heard the saying, "The harder I work, the luckier I get?" Guess what? That's the way it is with creative inspiration too.Don't Wait For Creative InspirationGraham Green, the famous English writer, attributes much of his success to a simple habit: He forced himself to write at least 500 words daily, whether he felt like it or not.

Why Creative Visualization Works

Experience has shown that creative visualization works. It is quite possible to prove that circumstances and events follow thoughts.

Mind Mapping

Ever been on a project where you had trouble keeping all the 'if' questions straight? "If this happens," you say, "we'll do one thing. But, if that happens, we'll do something else instead, but only on a Wednesday.

Gift of a Letter

"What cannot letters inspire? They have souls; they can speak; they have in them all that force which expresses the transports of the heart; they have all the fire of our passions." Letter from Heloise to Abelard (from Gift of a Letter by Alexandra Stoddard)Just returning from the National Stationery Show in New York City, I was struck by the energetic "forward motion" of the thousands of vendors still enthusiastic about the power of the hand-written note.

Story and Screenplay Structure

Structure is beneficial to creative output in a number of ways. There are at least two types of structure, work processes and frameworks:a) Work processes such as incremental production produce more output than a "do your best" approach.

Achieving Limitless Creativity

There are many out there who wish to help individuals achieve limitless creativity. Such a noble endeavor to help fellow man; some creativity coaches are indeed working to set out simple principles which can help any individual get to that space.

We Tend To Make Up Our Own Truths: What Stories Are You Making Up?

Someone once said that man keeps looking for truth that fits his reality. Oddly, more often than looking for truth, we tend to make up our own truths.

The Source of Growth and Creativity

Bare attention (to objects, people and circumstances) is what brings order in this world and in your personal world. If you know how to move your attention without the involvement of mind, positive creation happens as a result.


While the inception of penicillin brought a bit of a stir, and the television warranted some focus, it is somewhat easier now to fashion an idea into something sustainable.Easier again is the ability to make an idea into a business without leaving the house.

What Every Manager Should Know About How to Think Creatively

You may have heard of Roger von Oech's book, A Whack on the Side of the Head: How to Unlock Your Mind for Innovation. It's as much fun to read as its title suggests.

Creativity and Inspiration

Creativity for the mystic has special meaning. In the world of the mystic all is one.

Mindfulness and Music: Things That Go Hmmm


Gifts of the Inner Voice

Now that I no longer awaken to the sound of a jarring alarm clock, I've learned to welcome the early morning hours.Because that is the time when I can hear my inner voice most clearly.

Mindfulness and Poetry: Delicious Word Awareness

Everyone's a poet.Of course, everyone's a critic, too! This means that there are plenty of opportunities to heighten our awareness of words and how we use them.

Lucid Dreaming: Discover a Whole New World

Did you know that all of your most cherished dreams are just a good night's sleep away?Lucid dreamers share one of the greatest secrets of modern living. They have discovered a whole new universe-a universe within.

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Next Avenue

Vitality Arts Event Celebrates Creativity
Next Avenue
(Part of the VITALITY ARTS SPECIAL REPORT). Storytelling, improvisation, filmmaking and even singing opera — these are just a few examples of the creative pursuits that were on full display at Next Avenue's recent Vitality Arts event, supported by ...

Pain In The Arsenal

Arsenal: Mesut Ozil and the balance of control and creativity
Pain In The Arsenal
Lucas Torreira stated that Mesut Ozil is a joy to play with at Arsenal because he rarely gives the ball away. The German brilliantly balances control and creativity. Mesut Ozil is a truly frustrating player. His inconsistency is wild, his lack of ...

Fast Company

These 5 questions kill creativity
Fast Company
Questions can fire the imagination and feed your creativity. In my research for The Book of Beautiful Questions, I found dozens of questions that can help in identifying fresh ideas, overcoming creative block, soliciting useful feedback, and getting an ...

Yahoo Finance

Etsy CEO: Creativity can't be automated
Yahoo Finance
Etsy CEO: Creativity can't be automated. Yahoo Finance Video• November 20, 2018. Etsy sells 50 million unique products which sets it apart from mass retailers. Yahoo Finance's Julie Hyman, Adam Shapiro, Dion Rabouin and Josh Silverman, Etsy CEO ...


Basket Artist Weaves With Creativity And Inspiration
MORGAN, MN - Trisch Beilke had several creative outlets, from sewing to drawing and painting, but it was weaving baskets that really resonated with her. "I love the variety and variation it gives me. I can make traditional baskets, things that are ...


Twirl Aglow celebrates a season of holiday creativity
Even if Twirl was nothing more than "that cool toy store with the big climbing nets in the courtyard," it would still be an epic destination for children of all ages. But the wonder-filled store is actually the outer face of a nonprofit organization ...


Are You A Creative Identity Thief?
Today, people are forming their identities on the back of other people's creativity. If our creative output isn't resonating with the internet, we've become trained to change our ideas and mold them to fit what we think others want. We scroll through ...

ABC Life

Why we all need more art and creativity in our lives
ABC Life
Over the last couple of weeks, I've had the pleasure of travelling around the country talking to people living with disability as part of a nation-wide consultation on disability and the arts. Some of these people have been professional artists, some not.

The Good Men Project

Fanning the Flames of Your Child's Creativity
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Part of what I love about this time of year is going through photo albums. Looking back at family pictures sheds light on who we were, also giving context for who we've always been. Pictures bear witness to difficult times and perfect moments equally ...

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'Fairy Lady' encourages children to explore outdoors by inspiring ...
KCCI Des Moines
She says the foundation of her children's books and fairy house kits is helping kids be creative and imaginative with no electronics required.
'Fairy Lady' encourages children to explore outdoors by inspiring their creativity, imaginationWISN Milwaukee

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