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Creativity Information

Mindfulness and Independence: Observing Fireworks

"It's a free country," they say. "Celebrate our independence," I hear.

Produce Creativity: 4 Ways To Motivate Your Melon

It was 8:00 PM and I'd hit a creative wall - hard. But there was so much work to be done! And I just had to get out of the office or else my article would never get finished.


These days it's all about breaking things down into manageable pieces in order to be able to reach a goal and track your process/progress, and keep yourself from going insane because there's not a lot of time to breathe.And I'm a firm believer in this approach, in, as I've heard it termed: 'microvision.

Brainstorming Effectively

BRAINSTORMING: The basic tool used in generating many possible solutions to a problem is brainstorming. To use the brainstorming process effectively requires following a prescribed set of rules very closely.

Make EVERY DAY An Artist Retreat Day

What do you enjoy most about going on an Artist Retreat Day? For most of us it's getting away from our "normal routine", having our creativity sparked by new surroundings and having the luxury of "open time" to work on our creative projects.A retreat gives us the opportunity to step outside the day-to-day and look at the big picture of our creative dreams.

True Power Series Part I. Visualization: Image Production and Verbal Thought

(5 minutes a day) There is no limit to what you can visualize. The most effective visualization usually happens when emotion is connected with a strong image as, for example, when you really want something specific that you think will make you happy.

Creating Reality - Discovering the Magician Within

We all create our own reality each and every day, whether we are aware of the power that we possess or not. We all have a built-in mechanism that runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred-sixty-five days a year, non-stop.

Inspiration, Creativity, and Channeling - Opening Ourselves to Greatness

Channeling is much easier to do than most people suspect. As a matter of fact we have all seen people channeling and you have probably done it yourself many times, even though you may have been unaware of it or didn't know what to call it.

How Logic Puzzles Can Help You Become a Better Problem Solver

I have to admit that I am a confirmed puzzle-head. I love crosswords, acrostics, and cryptograms.

Creativity Isnt Just About Art It Is About Healing

Go on, pick up a pen, hold it in your hand and ask, " What can you do for me?" What do you hear? If you listen with your heart you may hear " I can show you a world within that only you and I can explore! Let's start writing and see what we can find."As you travel deeper within you will start to find a world of emotion and thoughts that you never imagined you had, whether you are delving into those dark corners of pain or dancing into the lightness of your being.

Is Your Team Suffering from FWTS?

Who do you know who is feeling stuck, under-performing, or dealing with frustration and upset?These folks might be suffering from FLAT WORLD THINKING SYNDROME! (FWTS)"Flat World Thinking Syndrome" is the number one issue standing between predictable performance and breakthrough performance. Allow me to illustrate.

A Book About Faith and Love

With news about Iraq and London and even our own neighborhood disasters, we need something to encourage us to keep going. While browsing the net the other day I came upon the most wonderful way of preserving my HOPE.

Make Yourself Creative: Two Easy Idea-Generating Methods

Here are a couple of exercises to force yourself to come up with some brand new ideas. These methods can be used to give your business an edge, to overcome creative blocks, or just for fun - to prove to yourself that you can have some great ideas.

Sharing Our Creative Work with Others

In my "Roadblocks to Creativity" e-course, I ask the question:"What's your first thought if someone hesitates before giving you their opinion about your creative project?"One artist wrote: "When some one hesitates before giving their opinion of my work, I think it is going to be negative; I recently showed some work to my boss and her criticism was so harsh that I now won't show her anything, but the worse part is--it made me even more conscious of showing my work to others as well. She was going through some hard stuff at the time, so my timing was way off.

Creative Drought

For the past several hours, I've struggled with this week's message, the words, "what will I write?" screaming in my ears. I've felt like the princess who promises her first born child to the little man named "Rumplestiltskin" if only he will spin straw into gold.

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Four Scientific Studies That Give Us Clues To Improve Our Creativity
Researchers at China's Peking University conducted a study with 50 subjects where all of the subjects completed two creativity tasks. But one group was given a glass of water just prior to the studies and the other group was given a cup of hot black ...

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Office creativity: Hammocks, slides, operable windows, rooftop bars — but 'clean desks' and private offices are ...
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Best of the best: Innovation, creativity in engineering
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Each February, the American Council of Engineering Companies of Nebraska (ACEC Nebraska) celebrates it's 50 member firms that employ more than 3,000 individuals across the state — firms that are engaged in a wide range of engineering projects that ...

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Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Event bridges education, creativity
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
With a pace at times similar to an auctioneer's chant, Rick Slayback provided running commentary Saturday as six ice-pop stick bridges were put to the test. “I've always been impressed by the bridges that come across this machine,” he said to a small ...

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Improving child care access may require creativity
Jefferson City News Tribune
For families whose situations aren't served by available child care options, that's often the case. “When someone's really frustrated, it's easy to just not be able to think outside the box,” said Robin Phillips, chief executive officer of Child Care ...


Great minds don't think alike: How creativity and cognitive diversity fuel business greatness
Imagine a new study has just been published in the Harvard Business Review about the correlation between physical endurance and business outperformance. What happens next? Executives start cross training. Team building events happen at the gym ...

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How art and creativity can improve your health - Medical News Today
Medical News Today
From writing to dancing, creative activities can make our life more fun. Studies show that they can actually do wonders for our mental and physical health.

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When spirituality and creativity are one
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I am passionate about spirituality and creativity because I know they are healthy catalysts, which compound exponentially. In my experience, deep authenticity and alignment with the Creator instill not only individual happiness, compassion and well ...


The 2018 IrishCentral Creativity & Arts Awards (PHOTOS)
The 2018 IrishCentral Creativity & Arts Awards (PHOTOS). IrishCentral Staff. @IrishCentral. February 16, 2018 01:37 PM. Print. 5SHARES. /. Facebook · Email · Twitter · Reddit · SMS. Comments. Anam award honoree Susan McKeown performs for the crowd at ...

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Parents Of Toddlers Allegedly Stabbed To Death By Nanny Seek 'Positive Creativity' As Trial Starts
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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The parents of two children prosecutors say were stabbed to death by their nanny are asking the public try to think positive as the criminal case finally goes to trial. The family's nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, has pleaded not ...
NYC Parents of Slain Kids in Facebook Plea: 'This Is the Legacy of ...NBC New York

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