Creativity Information

Creativity Information

Codifying Creativity

Can we codify creativity? Within these few words are a number of principles that must be identified and resolved before we can really answer the question.The first question is, what is creativity? What are we trying to codify?One useful definition of creativity is that it is problem identification and idea generation.

The Power Of Your Intuition

We all have enormous reserves of mental capacity that we habitually fail to use. There is no problem that we cannot solve, no obstacle we cannot overcome, and no goal we cannot achieve when we learn to use the incredible power of our mind to its full capacity.

Who Wants To Be A Creative Genius?

Can You Learn Creativity?Have you ever watched Robin Williams do a stand-up routine? Could so much creativity and spontaneity result from a highly organized approach? Definitely. Wild and funny thoughts don't come from nowhere.

Learn A Life Skill TODAY!

Did you ever watch your grandma knitting?Wasn't it boring? Didn't it seem to take forever?Most of us live life in the fast lane.Who needs to buy balls of yarn, search for patterns and spend - heaven forbid - the next three months making a jumper, when we can buy one in the high street for next to nothing.

10 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is your birthright - but can often be hidden in the everyday. To facilitate your personal development and self growth, here are some creativity tips you can use to resurrect, refresh and enhance your creative faculties.

In between Luck & Effort

I have one magical thought, lets see it more closely. Just look around & try to find out peoples who are successful, in sense of reality, with no efforts.

How A Creation Box Can Work For You

Bring to mind a time when you decided that you wanted something in your life; a vacation, a special book, or a household item. Did you notice that things relating to what you were wanting appeared out of nowhere--either you overheard someone talking about it, noticed an advertisement, a billboard or even junk mail? This, my friends, is the power of the Law of Attraction at work.

Why Teach Thinking? Why Not ?

The word 'creativity' has so many diverse meanings and interpretations. I remember telling an audience of teachers that creating a mess is also creative as long as new things and views are being conjured up.

Dancing On Your Brain: The Cha-Cha Effect

My grandmother used to say that the secret to living a good life is maintaining a flexible spine and a flexible mind. Whether we're talking about joints or brains, there's just no room for rigidity.

How To Entertain A Thought

After studying scores of great thinkers like Leonardo Da Vinci, I think I've stumbled upon what really set them apart from the rest of the folks living (and thinking) at the same time.It's remarkably simple.

Creativity, Innovation, and Science - Separate and Distinct or Not?

There is a pervasive belief that creativity and innovation are separate and distinct from the concept of science. That creativity and innovation cannot be scientific.

Trying to Create From Distorted Perceptions?

We've all met people who are "negative" - negative thinkers who consistently see the glass as half empty.In certain situations, particularly stressful ones, even the most positive person can fall victim to this distorted thinking.

Creative Thinking The Secret Key To Lasting Success

What is creativity anyway? Well, let us look at the word. Creativity means the capability to build, create something.

Creativity and Broken Eggs

In 1420, the dignitaries of Florence held a competition.They offered the enormous prize of 200 gold florins to the architect whose genius could span the unfinished dome of the Florence Cathedral.

Tips on Breaking the Creative Block

There's no question that creating anything is hard to do. Here are some tips if you find yourself creatively blocked.

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Psychology Today (blog)

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