Fishing Information

Fishing Information

Concentrate on Your Bass Fishing

I was watching a TV Show with Bill Dance and he was talking about concentration. I thought well this is going to be a boring show but of course, it wasn't.

Are You Holding Your Mouth Right To Catch More Fish?

My young stepson and I was fishing at Rush Creek in Ohio and using the same rod and reel, line and lure. Everything was exactly the same, the problem was I had caught about a dozen bass and he hadn't caught any and we were only standing about 10 feet apart.

Nymph Fishing Techniques

Small stream nymphing is a very productive form of fly fishing. At times, you will not rise a fish to a dry fly.

Challenges of Nymph Fly Fishing

When nymph fly fishing, the angler is imitating the juvenile stage of aquatic insects. As such, all fly fishing is done underwater, not on top of it.

Gear Needed for Fishing with Nymphs

Now that we've covered what nymph fly fishing is all about, let's next take a look at what sort of fly fishing gear you're going to need to do it. While nymph fly fishing uses pretty much the same gear you use when dry fly fishing, there is a few small items that any successfully nymph fisherman will want to have.

Techniques and Tactics For Nymphing

Just like dry fly fishing, there are many, many ways to fish a nymph. Which one you should use really boils down to how skilled you are in nymph fly fishing and what you are attempting to catch and where you are doing it.

Concentrate on Your Fishing

I was watching a TV Show with Bill Dance and he was talking about concentration. I thought well this is going to be a boring show but of course, it wasn't.

Its Raining... Time to Go Fishing!

Ah, fishing in the rain. You may not like the rain, but the fish sure love it!You may not believe it, but you may catch more fish while it is raining.

Monster Hunt: Ledge Lunker Blues Part I

Originally published in Procats Online MagazineSummertime angling for trophy-sized blue cats on huge reservoirs can be tough. Peer across an expansive lake and the sheer vastness will seemingly swallow you whole.

Monster Hunt: Ledge Lunker Blues Part II

Originally published in Procats Online MagazineSettin' It UpOnce Jeff has picked his area by marking the right bottom contour near the thermocline and the right space between the fish and the bottom, he is ready to deploy the drift socks. Williams will usually only use on drift sock or "sea anchor" to set his drift at the right speed and path.

6 Things You Must Do If You Want To Have The Secret To Catching More Trout

It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming. ~John Steinbeck1.

Fishing For Bass In Deep Water

When fishing for bass in deep water try a spinnerbait that you have confidence in and have used to catch fish before. If the fish are inactive try a slow study retrieve.

A Guide to Non-Typical Catfish Fishing Techniques

IntroductionMany of the people about to take one of my guided trips don't believe that Catfish feed as aggressively as other game fish. People are used to throwing out their bait and letting it set while they wait.

A Guide to Non-Typical Catfish Fishing Techniques - Part II

Method 1EquipmentI fish baits at all depths, not just the bottom, in wide-open water. I always set up and fish deep lake structures.

A Guide to Non-Typical Catfish Fishing Techniques Part III

Method 2The second method that works really well for me is drift fishing. Lets start by explaining how drifting works.

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And you won't find a better fly for the silver king than the black and purple Tarpon SP Mullet. $7-$8.50 per fly. Howler Brothers Silver King hat A hat is a hat, right? In most cases, that answer is yes. But in my experience, I've found that the ...

A fly fishing legend passes
On a shelf in my home library, alongside the works of Hemingway, Izaak Walton, A.J. McClane and an assortment of other fishing-infused writers, rests “Fly Fishing in Saltwaters” by Lefty Kreh. Close by, pinned into the wood, is one of my very first ...

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Fishing tragedy took place four years ago on Lake Erie
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Andrew and three friends had left Turtle Creek Marina on the afternoon of April 16 to fish for walleye out around the Lake Erie islands. The group fished from the boat of Bryan Huff, a good friend of Andrew's and an experienced Lake Erie angler who had ...

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Ten great things bass fishing has done for America | Fox News
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This year B.A.S.S. aka the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society turns 50 and this weekend (March 16-18) is B.A.S.S.'s fishing tournament of fishing tournaments, the Bassmaster Classic. It'll take place in Greenville, South Carolina. Thousands of fans will ...
Greg Hackney, Caleb Sumrall make early departures from Bassmaster ClassicNorth Carolina Sportsman

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Creekwood Fishing Derby a huge success
We go fishing when we're camping," Crowe said. "It's wholesome (and) teaches them patience, which we need to work on." Firefighters were on site to help skin and fillet fish that were caught by residents who wanted to take their catch home for dinner ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Free Wild Rivers Expo highlights Ashland area's fishing opportunities
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Bob Rice got his first fishing pole at around age 7. It was a simple rig, he recalled, with a hook — on which he skewered a worm — a line and a bobber. By age 9, the Michigan native had moved on to fly fishing, often traveling north with his father ...

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Coral reefs suffering in Philippines despite outlawing damaging fishing practices
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In particular, the study found that about a quarter of the fishers in the region use destructive fishing methods including explosives and poison, which were both outlawed by the Philippine government in 1932. Most other destructive fishing methods were ...

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The Dying Art of Fishing for Shrimp on Horseback
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Dominique Vandendriessche has shrimp fishing in his blood. Now in his twenties, Vandendriessche lives and works on the Belgian coast, in the small town of Oostduinkerke, where he is one of the last fishermen alive who catches shrimp from the back of a ...

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Outdoors: Don't let cold dampen fishing plans
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The day of fishing had been planned for weeks, and there was no fall-back day to reschedule. So the anglers layered on clothes like they'd need for an ice fishing day back home in their native Northern Illinois. Long-time veteran charter boat Capt. Vic ...

Fishing derby at Neosho hatchery bonds area veterans
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Tom Barwick, 62, of Seneca, was quietly sitting with his fishing rod, waiting for the trout to take the bait. He had been invited to Rainbows for Veterans this year by a friend, and he said that because he doesn't fish much anymore, he viewed it as an ...

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