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The Fishing Beat (Dec. 12)  Buffalo News

Some area waters are slowly starting to transform into safe ice. Make sure you take the necessary safety precautions. Bring along a *fresh* change of clothes, ...

10 of the latest ice fishing gear to check out as we head into the season  The Denver Post

By Brad Dokken, Grand Forks Herald, Tribune News *Service* via the Associated Press. Developments in ice fishing are ever-changing, but at the end of the day, ...

Fishing report  Monroe News Star

BLACK BAYOU: Fishing is slow this week. Contact the Honey Hole Tackle Shop at 323-8707 for latest information. OUACHITA RIVER: After heavy rains, the ...

Below the Waterline: It’s almost ice fishing time, and I still don’t get it  Bloomington Pantagraph

I have a lot of friends who look forward to freezing cold weather and the chance to brave the elements for a day on the water ice fishing. Honestly, I.

Nevada fishing report, Dec. 12, 2018  Las Vegas Review-Journal

LAKE MEAD — Anglers are finding good fishing for striped bass. Boaters are finding the best success with gizzard and threadfin shad. Fish weighing as much as ...

Fishing regulations to change on first of year  Watertown Public Opinion

On January 1, 2019, several substantial changes to fishing regulations will be implemented in South Dakota that will make fishing less restrictive. Anglers are ...

One man in critical condition after ice fishing accident  WTHR

Two men are safe after falling into freezing cold water while ice fishing.

Alan Liere’s fishing-hunting report for Dec. 13  The Spokesman-Review

With fly fishing slow in most rivers and ice forming on the lakes, the Spokane River and Rocky Ford are the best bets for catching a trout on a fly. A more ...

Fishing report: Even when its cold, the fish have to eat  The Florida Times-Union

Another cold front and dose of strong winds were tough on the fishermen this week, but those who toughed it out said all the cold-water fish are still biting.

1 of 2 men who fell into ice-fishing pond in critical condition  WISH-TV

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Two Lafayette men fell into an icy pond in rural Tippecanoe County and had to be taken to IU Health Arnett, the sheriff's office ...

National & World Sports, Texas Fishing Report  Daily Inter Lake

The weekly fishing report as compiled for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for Dec. 12 and also available on the internet at :.

Shark Fishing Tournaments Devalue Ocean Wildlife and Harm Marine Conservation Efforts  EcoWatch

Just over three years ago, I was clinging to a rock in 20 meters of water, trying to stop the current from pulling me out to sea. I peered out into the gloom of the ...

FWC looks to make changes to shark fishing

TAMPA, Fla.—The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission approved potential changes to shark fishing that could have a big impact. The new proposal would ban ...

Fishing report, Dec. 13  The Columbian

White sturgeon retention is closed from Buoy 10 upstream to the Oregon/Washington Border above McNary Dam, but remains an option for catch-and-release.

Fishing is back at Mooney Grove, feds look to loosen restrictions on limits  Visalia Times-Delta

Fishing enthusiasts can try their skills at Mooney Grove Park thanks to a grant from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Cold weather fishing has its rewards  KTEN

"Any time the water is cooling down, you'll catch a lot more, bigger fish," said fishing guide David Escamilla.

Chinese Continue Rampant Fish Poaching in Latin American Waters  Newsmax

In March 2016, the Argentine coast guard intercepted a Chinese fishing vessel illegally operating in the waters of Argentina's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Rainy River, LoW fishing regulation changes are effective in March  International Falls Journal

Anglers will be able to keep fewer walleye and sauger beginning March 1 on Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River, reports the Minnesota Department of ...

Kids Free Fishing Pole | Clubs and Activities  Coos Bay World

Children 14 and younger with their adult will receive a free fishing pole courtesy of the Coquille River Detachment 1042 Department of Oregon Marine Corps ...

Better fishing days coming in 2019 | News, Sports, Jobs  Evening Observer

As of Monday afternoon, area streams were at moderate levels with decent clarity for success. Rick Miller in Irving reported that the Cattaraugus Creek was in g.

Somalia grants fishing licences to china [The Morning Call]  africanews

Somalia has granted dozens of fishing licenses to China. The East African government signed 31 licenses with the China Overseas Fisheries Association in ...

California extends ban on abalone fishing until 2021  The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

California fish and game commissioners on Wednesday extended the ban on recreational abalone fishing another two years to give the ailing species more time ...

Fishing report for week of Dec. 12-18 | Bass at Millerton, Eastman, Pine Flat continue hitting  The Fresno Bee

Fishing report for week of Dec. 12-18, 2018 for the central San Joaquin Valley, ocean and Delta compiled by Dave Hurley and edited by Roger George.

Fishing hot spots  NWAOnline

FISHING HOT SPOTS. LITTLE MAUMELLE RIVER The water is clear. Level and current are normal. Bream fishing with live worms is good in deep water.

Ban on abalone fishing could last until at least 2021  Petaluma Argus Courier

California fish and game commissioners are poised to decide today on a proposal that would extend the closure on recreational abalone fishing another two ...

Portions of Bob Sikes Fishing Pier reopen after Hurricane Michael  Pensacola News Journal

Portions of the Bob Sikes Fishing Pier are now open after being temporarily closed due to Hurricane Michael.

Fishing: Strong lines the key to capturing hefty hapuku  New Zealand Herald

An unusual feature of the fishing this spring is the appearance of baby hapuku in the gulf and the Firth of Thames. The occasional one has been caught north of ...

Commission denies commercial fishing expansion in Hernando Beach  Tampa Bay Times

BROOKSVILLE — A proposal to expand commercial fish processing into the center of Hernando Beach was unanimously denied Tuesday by the Hernando ...

State Natural Resources Board Reluctantly Passes Lake Superior Fishing Rule  Wisconsin Public Radio News

The state Natural Resources Board approved an emergency rule for commercial fishing on Lake Superior during a meeting on Wednesday.

Fishing vessel sinks, leaks fuel in Seward Harbor  KTVA

The weekend sinking of a fishing vessel in the Seward Harbor has prompted a cleanup effort as plans to salvage the vessel unfold.

Proposed ban on shark fishing in Palm Beach Co.

A Palm Beach County Commissioner wants to ban shark fishing at certain county beach parks.

Chinese fishing deal makes waves ahead of Madagascar polls  FRANCE 24

Anakao (Madagascar) (AFP). The sun glistens on waves lapping against wooden fishing boats as their sails ripple in the breeze coming off the Indian Ocean.

Fishing crew charged with shark fin trafficking

The owner and officers of a Japanese-flagged fishing vessel were charged in federal court Tuesday with aiding and abetting the trafficking and smuggling of ...

2 neighbors die ice-fishing on central Minnesota lake  St. Paul Pioneer Press

CUSHING, Minn. — Crews have recovered the bodies of two neighbors who died while ice-fishing on a lake in central Minnesota. Morrison County Sheriff ...

Friday Fishing Report

Captain Mike Carter has been whacking the bass at Guntersville despite the cold, with most action on the Echo squarebill or the Rat-L-Trap in half-ounce sizes.

A deer was illegally shot with a fishing arrow  KRTV Great Falls News

(BILLINGS) Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks said in a press release that it is offering a reward of as much as $1,000 for information about a mule deer buck that ...

Study: Fisheries Compete with Shrinking Seabird Population for Food  The Maritime Executive

A pioneering study by French, Scottish and Canadian researchers has found that industrial fisheries...

Misdemeanors make up bulk of hunting and fishing violations  Post Register

An Ashton man was driving along Fisherman's Drive in Ashton on Oct. 20 when he saw a pheasant near the road. He stepped out of his car and shot the.

Providence man admits role in 'fishing' $97600 worth of checks from mail  Turn to 10

A Providence man has admitted to stealing checks from United States Postal *Service* collection boxes and then fraudulently cashing them. Gerald Reinoso, 22 ...

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses: Favorites for Active Anglers  GearJunkie

A quality pair of sunglasses is a necessity for the active outdoors person. With the market flooded with sunglasses, we've narrowed down the best polarized ...

Wounded Warriors organization take veterans on special fishing trip  FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

Chilly morning temperatures wasn't enough to keep dozens of veterans from going on a special fishing trip.

Michigan DNR Weekly Fishing Report: December 13, 2018

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has released their weekly fishing report for the Upper Peninsula, along with a new fishing tip.

Opinion: The Fishing Game is Changing in 2019  Wired2Fish

Terry Brown shares his thoughts on some recent fishing industry trends and how things will shake out throughout the next year.

Some fishing events to register with state starting Jan. 1

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Bass and walleye fishing tournaments in Michigan, and competitive fishing events targeting muskellunge, have to register with the state ...

Grand Ronde win right to keep Willamette Falls fishing scaffold

Despite objections from three Northwest tribes and Portland General Electric, the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde won the right to keep a fishing ...

State begins coast-wide effort to sustain fisheries hit by wetland erosion, restoration projects

The shrimp boat Tiffani Claire passes another boat during the Blessing of the Fleet in Chauvin, Louisiana on Sunday, April 8, 2018. State officials are working ...

It is hardly ever too cold to go wade fishing in South Texas bays  Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Winter wade anglers in South Texas know how to keep warm while enjoying the rewards of a more solitary season.

Local inventor's fishing caddy creation gets national spotlight  KCTV Kansas City

Meet local inventor Joe Pippins whose fishing caddy creation got him time in the national spotlight and a growing business.

TD atelier's self-build fishing factory in japan with distinctive triangular roof  Designboom

the kyoto based architect, TD atelier, has completed a small factory in the fishing village of kajiga in japan. the small village is home to around 180 people and ...

State officials propose key change to trout fishing law  Bangor Daily News

That change would further protect wild trout waters, including tributaries and outlets to heritage ponds in northern Maine.. Maine news, sports, politics, election ...


Language written into the Modern Fish Act to make access 25% more restrictive and “inflexible” has been removed, paving the way for passage of in the Senate ...

East Grand Forks considers hosting Governor's Fishing Opener  Grand Forks Herald

A tourism agency for the greater Grand Forks area requested the support of East Grand Forks leaders Tuesday night as it introduced an opportunity to host the ...

WJFW - DNR Warden Supervisor gives ice fishing safety tips  WJFW-TV

WOODRUFF - We know how to handle the ice and snow here in the Northwoods, but it doesn't hurt to get a reminder on ice safety as that ice starts to firm up.

George H.W. Bush: A presidential fishing tale  The Washington Post

A story from 1999 about that time Post outdoors columnist Angus Phillips went fishing with the president of the United States.

Idaho steelhead fishing to remain open on most rivers  KATU

LEWISTON, Idaho (AP) — Idaho wildlife officials have approved an agreement with conservation groups and sport anglers to keep most steelhead fishing areas ...

Urban bald eagle making good use of Pocatello fishing ponds  Idaho State Journal

POCATELLO — A bald eagle has figured out what local children have long known about the small lake at the Portneuf Wellness Complex.

Salmon fishing in New Jersey? Landlocked fish added to fourth lake in bid to lure anglers

New Jersey expanded its landlocked salmon stocking program to include a fourth lake.

Costa Rica: First Country to Protect Sustainable Fisheries of Large Pelagics Species  Inter Press Service

Kifah Sasa is Sustainable Development Officer at UNDP Costa Rica. Credit: UNDP. SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Dec 13 2018 (IPS) - Twelve years ago, in a ...

Steelhead fishing continues uninterrupted with two new area closures  East Idaho News

The following is a news release from the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game. IDAHO FALLS – The Idaho Fish and Game Commission on Friday, Dec. 7 approved an ...

Amazing travel job: Director of fly fishing, Grande Lakes Orlando  ABC News

Editor's note: This is the latest installment in a new mini-series on some of the most unusual and amazing jobs in the travel industry. Mark Benson is the Director ...

Alan Liere’s fishing-hunting report for Dec. 6  The Spokesman-Review

The Mini Leech Fly has accounted for some large trout from Rocky Ford. As always, the Spokane River is a great late-fall option. The euro rig has dominated the ...

How To Select The Best Service Provider For Fishing In Dubai?  Daily Pioneer

Fishing is known to be one of the best leisure time activities in Dubai along with many others. If you are not an expert in fishing, you must know that there are a ...

Ice fishing show kicks off Friday  Duluth News Tribune

Looking for a new ice auger — electric, gas, propane or battery — but still have some questions? The sixth annual Arrowhead Ice Fishing and Winter Show ...

Fish & Game recommends Granite Staters use caution on the ice  The Union Leader

New Hampshire's Fish and Game Department is urging Granite Staters to be cautious on or around ice this early in the season, saying it may not be as thick as.

Ice fishing season begins  WKOW

The weather has been cold enough for Monona Bay to freeze over and this weekend people were getting out to fish on it! The Clean Lakes Alliance says this is ...

MarCum Lithium Shuttle Review - Ice Fishing  Wired2Fish

Innovations in power supply such as that offered by the MarCum Lithium Ion Shuttle have greatly improved and extended fishfinder performance while ice ...

The Basics of Fishing Shad Raps for Winter Bass  Wired2Fish

Gerald Swindle discusses the power of the Rapala Shad Rap for bass on southern reservoirs during the winter months.

The Fishing Beat (Nov. 21)  Buffalo News

Plenty of fishing opportunities are available as we hit Thanksgiving. While it will be a cold one, the weekend should offer up some warmer temperatures for ...

Fishing report for week of Dec. 5-11 | Bass at Pine Flat, Eastman, Millerton on prowl  The Fresno Bee

Fishing report for week of Dec. 5-11, 2018 for the central San Joaquin Valley, ocean and Delta compiled by Dave Hurley and edited by Roger George.

Bomb squad blows up projectile pulled up by fishing boat off Harpswell  Press Herald

A bomb squad on Monday detonated a military ballistic projectile that was picked up by a fishing vessel and delivered ashore at Bailey Island in Harpswell.

FWP releases report on Madison River fishing pressure  The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Most of the anglers on the upper Madison River aren't from Montana. About half the boats downstream of Lyons Bridge are guides. People are still catching a lot ...

Fishing the North Coast: Telling weekend for late fall king run  Eureka Times Standard

The season for late fall kings finally got going last week following the firs significant storms of the year. For the Smith and Chetco, I'd say the fishing was fair.

Rwandan Women Paddle Into the Male World of Fishing  The New York Times

Now a woman can say: 'I can build a house by myself. I can look after my family properly. And even if my husband dies, we can live a better life.'”

Consumers warned about new email fishing scams  WNDU-TV

(NBC) - As consumers are busy in the midst of their holiday shopping, it's worth reminding people to watch out for email scams. Two new phishing e-mails are ...

3 men and a dog rescued after fishing boat strikes jetty

Three people and a dog were rescued after a commercial fishing boat struck a jetty at Manasquan Inlet early Saturday morning and began taking on water, ...

Where did all the lobsters and stone crabs go? How the fishing industry is bouncing back  Bradenton Herald

The Florida Keys commercial fishing industry was severely impacted by Hurricane Irma last year, especially lobster anglers. The industry continues to feel the ...

Convicted felon nabbed with drugs, rifle while fishing  Daily Commercial

TANGERINE — It started with a game warden checking on a possible fishing license violation, but it ended with multiple charges for a man who may be the most ...

Fisheries department launches competition for fisherman app  Cyprus Mail

A competition to create an app which allows professional and amateur fishermen to describe their fishing trips and advertise their catch for sale has been ...

Find RDR2 Legendary Fish guide with maps  Polygon

Much like Red Dead Redemption 2's Legendary Animals, there are 13 Legendary Fish scattered around the world. Unlike the Legendary Animals, the ...

Gone fishing: Trout streams in tip-top condition after rain and snow  The Canberra Times

Rain across the region this week has helped freshen up the creeks, rivers and lakes ahead of another long, hot summer. The trout streams are in tip-top ...

Wild Chesapeake: "Put in the Time" to Catch Cold-Weather Fish  Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Chesapeake outdoor guide Captain Chris Dollar brings up-to-date insight to the Bay Bulletin. Check in weekly to see what's happening out there. At dawn on ...

Chinese government orders fishing boats to behave during G-20 summit  CNBC

Beijing has issued a notice to Chinese fishing boats operating overseas, warning them to avoid illegal activities during the G-20 summit in Argentina this ...

FWC Law Enforcement Report: Hunting, Fishing Violations

The Florida FWC Division of Law Enforcement reported the following activity during the period ending November 29 in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

Outcry over Faroese fishing rights  Shetland News

THE Scottish pelagic fishing industry has reacted with outrage to news that Faroese trawlers can catch almost 25,000 tonnes of mackerel in the waters around ...

A Controversial Fishing Style: Snagging for Salmon in Chicago Harbors  Chicago Tonight | WTTW

From Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, fishermen in Illinois are allowed to use a specific technique to catch salmon that's banned in several other states. What snagging is ...

Shroud of the Avatar Release 61 Includes Krampus & Fishing Phase 2

On Thursday, December 13th, Shroud of the Avatar players will be able to log into the game to find both a celebratory holiday event and even more to love about ...

Corpus Christi's history as a fishing lure center excites retired biology professor  KRIS Corpus Christi News

The saltwater fishing lure industry was pretty much invented here. Anchor Lee Sausley recently visited with a local lure collector who knows quite a bit about that ...

Early ice fishing can be special, but don't approach it lightly  Minneapolis Star Tribune

ELY, MINN. – I stepped cautiously onto the newly frozen lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area. Devoid of snow, the water's gray, shimmering ice ...

3 places to fish this winter — that don't include ice fishing

You don't need ice fishing gear to find great fishing in Utah during the winter. These destinations offer great winter fishing and are sure to keep you and your ...

Brexit: MPs 'disappointed' with response to inquiry into future of fishing in NI  BBC News

MPs have said they are disappointed with the government's response to an inquiry into the future of the fishing industry in Northern Ireland. In a letter to the ...

How whale sharks saved a Philippine fishing town and its sea life  The Guardian

Fishermen-turned-entrepreneurs who have been financing the protection of endangered whale sharks in the Philippines have hit on a successful scheme to ...

Idaho Fish and Game Commission approves deal to open steelhead fishing season

BOISE — The Idaho Fish and Game Commission Friday night approved an agreement that would keep most steelhead fishing open throughout Idaho, with two ...

Seabird numbers 'at risk due to fishing' according to Aberdeen study  BBC News

A University of Aberdeen study says there has been a 70% decline in seabird populations between 1970-1989 and 1990-2010.

Photo gallery: Fishing — the most dangerous game - Local News  Daily Astorian

Every year the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the most dangerous jobs in the country — and every year, commercial fishing is near the top. In 2018, it was ...

What's Up Outdoors: Ice fishing gift ideas to add to the Christmas...  Brainerd Dispatch

Since most of my time lately is spent at ice fishing events all over the state, I've been seeing a few new products that I think might make great Christmas gifts.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to consider shark fishing draft rule  Florida Today

On Dec. 12 in St. Augustine, Florida Fish and Wildlife will consider a draft rule that would add limited regulation to shore-based shark fishing.

Summer fishing closures proposed for Vancouver Island streams

The province is proposing summer fishing closures for most streams on southern Vancouver Island in response to droughts in recent years that produced ...

Angling for a better deal in Atami when the fish are biting:The Asahi Shimbun  Asahi Shimbun

ATAMI, Shizuoka Prefecture--Tourists who haul in more fish than they can eat here are now able to exchange their surplus catch for vouchers that will be ...

Storms changing fishing conditions  Ukiah Daily Journal

Fishermen are facing changing weather conditions as the first storms of the season are hitting the area. Prior to the storms the bass fishing on Clear Lake was ...

Fishing the North Coast: Rain will kick-off late run of fall kings  Eureka Times Standard

The season's first sizeable storms are finally filling our local rivers with *fresh* rainwater. And that means hard-charging, *fresh* from the salt king salmon – big and ...

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