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How Is Mold Like AIDS?

Don't laugh. Both get a lot of coverage in the press. Mold isn't a politically sensitive issue but there are a lot of similarities.

1. Both get into your system without being felt.

If you are living, working or studying in a moldy environment there will be mold spores floating in the air. Every time you breathe, these mold spores move through your nose, sinuses and into your lungs. Each of these spots is moist and warm. Ideal environments for mold spores to set up housekeeping. From these locations the spores release mycotoxins (mold poisons) that get into the blood stream and spread through the body.

2. Both attack your immune system so you can't fight of normal, everyday diseases. Mold kills white blood cells. These are the body's primary defense against invading bacteria and viruses.

3. Both kill indirectly. Yes I said kill.

Cancer is probably the leading cause of death with an AIDS patient. The body's defenses are so weak that even simple diseases become life threatening. Mold releases poisons that are known to cause cancer. Chemicals like the Aflotoxins and Ochratoxins were written about 30 years ago. This is OLD science. These are found in most of the household molds we run into in our investigations.

The most common death from mold is a condition called a T-cell lymphoma.

Sometimes mold will get into the brain and cause death directly, but this isn't very common.

Mold also can lead to Heart Attacks. Many of the mold toxins attack the connective tissue in the vascular system, including the heart. Again this is OLD science. Nothing new or dramatic.

4. Both can be prevented.

The easiest way to prevent mold induced diseases is to "Get rid of the Mold". This is fairly easy as long as you do it by natural means. If you use toxic chemicals to kill mold you are just replacing one problem for another. Chemicals called borates are commonly used to kill mold. Most of the time they are used incorrectly and don't work. But for about 15% of the population, the only cure for the borate reactions is to move out of your house forever. We have seen this happen on many occasions.

But how are they DIFFERENT? AIDS can't really be cured. Mold can.

There are botanical treatments that will remove the mold from your body. It involves a few daily nose sprays.

So you see, mold and AIDS are not as far apart as you would think. Both can kill and both work without you knowing it.

How Is Mold Like AIDS?
by Dr GW Graham
For 30 years, Dr Graham has been helping people treat and prevent disease by showing them how to live in a clean environment.

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