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The practice is running smoothly, with patients coming in and out with smiles on their faces because of the great service your practice is providing. At the end of the day, you review the office secretary's billing records and realize you are behind, again.

Running a successful practice depends upon the efficiency of the billing. Unfortunately many practices still must deal with a variety of different databases containing different sets of information. The patient contact information and the patient histories may be in totally separate databases, both of which have to be accessed in order to put information into a third database containing billing history. Though the database information in this example may be different from information in your practice's databases, the database confusion is the same.

In addition to the database difficulties, running on multiple servers, installing billing technology with IT, and backing up all of your data is overwhelming if not impossible to always be on top of.


Medical billing software has simplified the practices office structure to open up more time to continue giving quality service to patients. Medical billing software is a solution employed by countless medical practices to ensure effective and accurate billing.

One of the biggest ways medical billing software saves practices extra work is by enabling information on various servers or databases to be synchronized onto one account. By logging into your account you can access all of the information you need on any patient.

In addition to streamlining the billing process, medical billing software simplifies the financial obligation to billing and database technology by cutting most of it out. Using medical billing software enables tracking, billing, and security of all accounts online, eliminating the need for a costly IT infrastructure. The cost is usually a monthly fee payable as you use it.

Feel free to access your account from anywhere, including your PDA.


No practice should read an article like this and be convinced to find medical billing software without asking itself if an online medical billing software system is a secure system to change to.

Some of the examples of security precautions medical billing software takes includes electronic back ups, automatic posting, HIPAA and HCFA compliance, and secured accounts only accessible to authorized viewers.

In selecting a system for medical billing to suit your medical practice needs, consider a solution recognized by countless medical practices already. A secure a simple way to streamline medical billing is with medical billing software.

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