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Medical Billing PDA: 21st Century Convenience for Medical Practices

Medical Billing PDA

One of the first things I notice about a medical office, whether it be with my dentist, my family doctor, or my optometrist, is the walls full of color-coded files containing medical histories, billing information, and tracking information for prescriptions check ups and various other things. As a patient, it is fun to trace the colored tags across the files and wonder what they mean.

Doctors know exactly what they mean, and they see those color-coded files in a totally different light. That wall of folders is vital and almost overwhelming information to help the practice care adequately for its patients. One of the challenges of that wall is that it represents limited access to patient records, especially billing record, when away from the office. It reminds me of Pinocchio singing "I got no strings," while still getting tangled up in all of the strings around him.

Medical Billing PDA is an example of how a practice can act without strings. At anytime while traveling to conferences or leaving the office for any other reason, medical billing PDA technology eliminates strings and increases accessibility to what is most important: patients.

Patient Tracking

Wherever a doctor may be, whether traveling on the way to the office in the morning or on a plane back from vacation or a conference, he or she will always be able to keep track of his or her patients. On the way to the office, the doctor can go into the appointment tracking on a pocket PC and retrieve information for the day.

At the end of every day the doctor can simply dock the PDA to synchronize with the practices database and update the PDA to contain the appointment information for the next day. Billing information, patient information, and other information are available as well, no strings attached.

Real-Time Updates

Perhaps the newest convenience feature available using medical billing PDA is that it can work with a wireless card to retrieve real-time information on just about anything. Professional services, patient diagnosis, medical procedure information, patient records, and anything else can be retrieved and sent from anywhere using the internet.


A day at the office or at a hospital can be very hectic. A doctor can be tied down to many things at once. It is important to be able to provide adequate attention to patients and to streamline administrative strings. Using medical billing PDA, doctors can enter information on patients as they visit them and later synchronize them into the system either through docking or wireless at the end of the day.

Not only is medical billing PDA compatible with the difficult schedule of the medical professional, but it is also compatible with medical compliant forms and billing. Billing information that is transmitted is accurate and timely. Just what the doctor ordered.

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