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Latest Medical Spa Equipment Showcased at New York Medical Spa Expo

This year, the New York Medical Spa Expo confirmed the Medical Spa industry is continuing to grow. "Not only did thousands of Spa and Medical Spa owners visit this year's show, but we also saw the release of some new and noteworthy equipment perfect for the medical spa environment" says Jeff Russell, the CEO of MedSpa Financing.

New this Year - Hair Rejuvenation

When you attend these shows you know you are going to see many devices for removing unwanted hair, but what about improving the appearance of thinning hair? Well this year, for the first time ever we saw the impressive CosmeticTrichoGenesis Mark 5 unit. Owners of Medical Spas are constantly looking for that piece of equipment that will differentiate them from their competitors, well this is it!

Robert Kramer, President of Current Technologies says "Growth of the Medical Spa industry is being fueled by a demand for more and better services devoted to making men and women look and feel better. Current Technololgy's CosmeticTrichoGenesis Mark 5 offers a once a week, safe, painless and successful method for improving the appearance of thinning hair. The Mark 5 utilizes non-invasive pulsed electrostatic energy that can noticeably create the look of fuller, more luxurious hair."

Microdermabrasion Equipment Moving to the Next Level

Another standard piece of equipment in a Medical Spa is the microdermabrasion machine. This year we saw one that not only targets the face, but actually treats the whole body while applying topical treatments. Medical Spa owners are going to like the extra revenue streams that will be found by adding topicals to their microdermabrasion procedures.

The Vibraderm skin station exfoliates the skin while creating new collagen. It employs a patented vibrating head with a stainless steel abrasive surface to evenly exfoliate the skin. New is the Vibrafusion? system, which results in a vibrant tone and texture to the skin. The Vibraderm's full body treatment can be performed on all skin types including Fitzpatrick skin type V and VI. Medical spa owners will like the fact that the procedures are less technique dependent, since the size of the unique paddle prevents the potential of uneven treatments and happier clients. Unlike traditional microdermabrasion equipment, there are no crystals or suction, this gives you a clog-free treatment with a quick clean-up.

Medical Spa Software

Harms Software demonstrated the medical spa friendly Millennium? advanced booking, point-of-sale, information and customer relations management system. Millennium's advanced security allows you to maintain HIPPA compliancy while still allowing you and your staff to navigate seamlessly from screen to screen. You can handle real world situations quickly and help your clients easily. For example, while you are booking a client's appointment, you can check their gift certificate balance or information on a product or service they purchased in the past. The software allows you to track skin/facial information, prescriptions/analysis, photos, documents and more. The advanced appointment booking is also a "must have" when it comes to managing not only your staff and doctors, but your rooms and equipment. Harms Software has been built on 17 years of experience, bringing you software that works in a Medical Spa environment.

Advanced Muscular Therapy

Hard to miss was the impressive robotic massaging arm of the Meilus Muscular Therapy (MMT) machine. This unit is designed to effectively lengthen muscles, which will improve your client's body tone, increase flexibility, and enable muscles to rid themselves of waste and toxins. The MMT can give your Medical Spa that extra edge in helping your client's live better, more pain-free lives as their body naturally ages.

From this show, we can see the Medical Spa industry is evolving. "Many doctors are tired of slow paying reimbursements, and want to move into a cash business where they are paid for the services they perform. Medical Spas are the answer for many doctors, it also gives doctors the opportunity to enter the growing anti-aging market. With the right Medical Spa equipment, you can make your transition to a Medical Spa owner a very profitable one!" says Jeff Russell.

For More Information:

CosmeticTrichoGenesis Mark 5 unit. Call 1-800-661-4247 or visit

Vibraderm. Call (800) 494-7181 or visit

Millennium? from Harms Software Inc. Call 1-888-813-2141 or visit

Meilus Muscular Therapy (MMT) machine. Call 1-800-237-8300 or visit

About MedSpa Financing (Oakridge Healthcare) - is a division of Oakridge Healthcare, which provides turn-key healthcare financing solutions to medical practices and equipment vendors throughout North America (

MedSpa Financing is the only financing company that specializes in financing Medical Spas. We have financed Medical Spas from California to New York, and everywhere in between. Through our network of financial partners, we have the capacity to finance everything from a single treatment machine to an entire $20 million Medical Spa facility.

For additional information, visit our website: MedSpa Financing is a sustaining member of the International Medical Spa Association, and proud member of our local Chamber of Commerce.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Jeff Russell 1-800-485-5759

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