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The foremost benefit of buying prescription medicines and other medical supplies from a Mexican pharmacy is the secure buying procedure and easy on the pocket rates. The health and medical care laws in Mexico are not that strict infact completely different and relaxed as compared to the US laws. Most of the medicines can be bought and sold without an authentic prescription except narcotic agents and some of the other restricted and controlled prescription items in Mexico therefore purchase of prescription drugs in Mexico is considered a unproblematic, easy procedure. The easy purchase method and easily accessible medicines in Mexico may put you to some degree of risk but what about internet frauds and counterfeit pharmaceutical preparations? The world of internet is not much reliable either, but you can save your time when you shop online and in order to secure the money you spend on online buying you should keep you up to date and alert. The text that follows provides you a easy and simple but technical guide line for online shopping of your medications and getting the optimum advantage from online ordering and buying.


Supply of fake and counterfeit medicines is a regrettable issue that is mounting day by day in Mexico. It seems very difficult to spot the differences between original and phony prescription drugs and medical supplies for a lay man. You may need to take the drug to a control laboratory to get it tested that is a way that will cost you even more money than on buying locally and requires time too. The finest technique to and it's almost impossible to spot a fake these days without the help of a trained laboratory technician. The best way to buy original drugs is to buy it from a reliable pharmacy like Mexican pharmacy where a valid prescription is always required before ordering. An online pharmacy from Mexico that asks for a prescription is considered genuine.

Expiry Dates:

Another sad aspect of buying medicines in Mexico is that most of the pharmacies do not have licensed pharmacists (as per law they are not required). A person who is not an authentic, licensed pharmacist does not comprehend the necessity of proper storage and dispensing methods of medicines. Mostly they do not acknowledge the consequences and danger associated with the sale of drugs after or close to their expiry dates. Always ask about the license requirements when you order at Mexican pharmacy in order to make sure you get the best and top quality medicines against your money.

Mislaid substitutes:

Many pharmacies claim they deliver very cheap medicines against your order. Most of the times they fill up your prescriptions with cheap generic versions or another cheaper brand. A person who does not belong to medical community is not aware of the affects the new drug might have on the system. While ordering and shopping at Mexican pharmacy, please make sure you get the original prescription drug your doctor has advised and never accept cheaper versions or generics if your physician has writer something else on your prescription.

Foreign language hurdle:

When you order your prescription drug at Mexican pharmacy it might come to you marked in bad English or Spanish. It might be mislabeled or untagged at all. There might be no prescribing information enclosed in the pack. Always specify at Mexican pharmacy in what language you need your medicine to be labeled.

Delivery Time:

When you browse he internet to find a cheap, reliable and swift online pharmacy, you will come across many Mexican pharmacies that offer low rates and express shipping but there might be some hidden fees on shipments. Always find out what they will charge for shipping your ordered medicines to your door and how much time they will consume. Be sure that the total cost of medication (though claimed to be very cheap) and shipping charges al together does not cost you even more than you can buy them from the pharmacy in your area.

Some people might find this article callus but the reality is that it is only meant to educate you to be a clever customer when you shop online. Not all online Mexican pharmacies deceive the customers or are involved in fraudulent activities. A few admirable pharmacies also subsist that provide you with the top quality medicines on real low rates and discounts and deliver your drugs right on time as they promise, when advertising. Mexican pharmacy is one among those who are striving for providing best care and keeping its standard up to the mark.

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Mathew Bell is the author of many articles relating to health issues to help the public to be better informed of options available to them in today's online world.

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