Medicine Information

Medicine Information

Causes and Types of Cerebral Palsy

In the case of Cerebral Palsy there is no one cause of this severe condition. There are many things that may increase the risk of this condition but will not cause cerebral palsy all the time.

The Pain Factor

Last year I told an acquaintance that at the age of 46, I had taken up running. The reply was, "Oh, that's awfully hard on your knees.

New Surgical Treatment Options for Hernias

Hernia repair is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures worldwide. In fact, there are over 600,000 hernia repair surgeries performed each year in the U.

Ulcers Are No Laughing Matter

Peptic ulcers, which are in the stomach and the duodenum (the first part of the intestine leading from the stomach) can occur at any age and affect both men and women. Untreated, sufferers can look forward to a long siege with them.

Take Control of Your Doctor: Ten Actions To Get What You Need At Your Next Office Visit

Michael Richardson, MD has some suggestions on maximizing your next doctor's visit.?Find a primary care doctor you can talk to and start building a relationship.

Over The Counter Pain Medication: How To Choose The Right Drugs

With the recent front-page news about the possible hazards of pain medications, you may be taking a look at your over-the-counter (or OTC) pain medications with a wary eye. While all drugs, including those you don't need a prescription for, can be dangerous, some basic knowledge can help you avoid the pitfalls for the pain relief you need.

Drug Interactions: Five Common Dangerous Interactions You Should Know About

Prescription drugs can save your life. But interactions between prescription drugs and other drugs or with illnesses or conditions you have can lead to significant consequences.

Celebrex? Vioxx? Can My Doctor Provide Me With Safe Prescription Painkillers?

The news has been full of the recent FDA findings on a new set of drugs to help relieve pain. These drugs have been approved for re-release, but it is unclear whether Vioxx will be available again and whether physicians will feel comfortable prescribing Celebrex and Bextra for many of their patients.

rX My Heart and Hope to Die

This must be a mistake! How could his drug costs rise from $150 a month to $1101 in just three weeks? My hands shook while I read the pharmacy bill.There was no mistake.

Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease With Lipitor and Pravachol

Results of a new study comparing the effectiveness of Pfizer Inc.,'s Lipitor with Pravachol, made by Bristol-Myers Squibb, was recently published in the New York Times.

10 Steps To Detoxification

Technology. We live in a grand time of technological development.

Warning! Flu Shots Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

Every year about this time doctors around the world are recommending that people go in and get their annual flu shot. What most people don't know or understand is just how dangerous this could be, especially for children under the age of 12.

Study Confirms IBS Improvement

Irritable bowel syndrome is a debilitating and distressing condition, which affects 10-20% of the population. IBS is characterized by abdominal pain and altered bowel function such as constipation, diarrhea or alternating diarrhea and constipation.

Cetyl Myristoleate Seperating Fact From Fiction

I am a strong believer in Cetyl Myristoleate for the treatment of arthritis. For the last three years I have been researching and writing about Cetyl Myristoleate.

Cetyl Myristoleate for Arthrtis: Science or Speculation

There are a lot of fabulous stories about Cetyl Myristoleate (also known as CMO or CM) floating across the Internet. Mine is one of them.

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Baylor College of Medicine News (press release)

Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Space Medicine launches initiative in Commercial Space Transportation
Baylor College of Medicine News (press release)
Baylor College of Medicine is expanding its renowned research and education programs in the Center for Space Medicine to include cutting-edge aerospace medicine for commercial space missions. “We are thrilled about this new frontier and uncharted ...

South China Morning Post

Medicine, Music and Memories
South China Morning Post
Hong Kong's entertainment magazine MadbuzzHK is a great information source for those who want to learn more about the local music scene. One of the founders and executive editors of this witty periodical is Michelle Li, a 2012 graduate of Renaissance ...

Healthcare IT News

Precision medicine steps out of the lab and into the EHR
Healthcare IT News
Genomic therapy recommendations are becoming available for clinical decision support at the point of care. By Gus Venditto. December 14, 2017. 09:27 AM. Share. Precision medicine genomic therapy. Progress in genomic sequencing has led to some exciting ...

Science Trends

The Missing Link For Effective Regenerative Medicine: A Novel Source Of Highly Differentiable Stem Cells
Science Trends
Finding a reliable source of cells with wide differentiation capacity in adult organisms would provide a promising tool for regenerative medicine, specifically in facilitating autologous treatment. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are classified as ...

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The Chicago Cusader

The South Side has a new ED at UChicago Medicine
The Chicago Cusader
The University of Chicago Medicine recently celebrated the completion of what will be the city's newest and most advanced adult Emergency Department when the $39 million facility opens to patients in late December on Chicago's South Side. A CROSS ...

Banner – University Medicine North to Open Its Doors on Dec. 28
UANews (press release)
"What I really like about this building is that we have this nice, modern architecture that takes advantage of the wonderful vistas we have in the Catalina Mountains," says Dr. Charles B. Cairns, dean of the UA College of Medicine – Tucson. "This ...

Penn medicine | virtua strategic alliance brings first proton therapy to ...
EurekAlert (press release)
Cancer care in South Jersey is about to enter a new era. Penn Medicine, in partnership with Virtua, announced plans to build a new proton facility on the campus of Virtua's acute care hospital, Virtua Voorhees. The new $35 million center, which will ...
Penn Medicine proton cancer therapy coming to South
Penn Medicine, Virtua to open $35M proton therapy center in ...Philadelphia Business Journal

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Each new medicine costs £1.2bn to develop, up 70pc in just seven ...
The cost of developing a cutting-edge medicine has jumped 70pc in just seven years to £1.

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AMCP Forum Discusses Strategies, Standards for Ushering in Era of Precision Medicine
PR Newswire (press release)
In practice, precision medicine requires tests and screenings that may not be routine. As such, data needed to evaluate or customize a therapy are not always easy to obtain. AMCP's Partnership Forum, "Managing Care in the Wave of Precision Medicine ...

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Loyola Medicine study finds high success rate for diabetic Charcot foot surgery
Nearly four out of five diabetic patients with severe cases of a disabling condition called Charcot foot were able to walk normally again following surgery, a Loyola Medicine study has found. The study by orthopaedic surgeons Michael Pinzur, MD, and ...

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