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How Distressing is Social Phobia?
Joint Pain Relief
A Very Medical Miracle
How You Can Erase Low Back Pain Using the Latest Medical Techniques!
Eliminate Agonizing Hand Pain Quickly and Easily!
Amazing Shoulder Pain Reversing Secrets!
Medication Compliance Kit ... A Life Saver
Fifteen Ways to Fight Heel Pain
Understanding Tumescent Liposuction
Polysomnography: One Tool in Helping in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Fibromyalgia
FDA Orders Search Engines to Stop Online Pharmacies
The Check Doctor Credentials Theory
Considerations in Distance Education for the Medical Assistant Instructor
"Ooohhh? my aching knee!!!" Insider Secrets on How You Can Get Relief Quickly and Easily!
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Simple Self-Help Tips
Another Cold Sore! Why Me?
Signs of Suicide : Learn What They are and How to Deal with Them
Prevent Foot Problems When Walking
Treating Neuromas - Ten Tips
Orthotics and Your Feet
Heel Pain - Ten Tips for Treatment
Who Else Wants General Information on Arthritis?
A Fresh Start Plan for People With Neck Pain!
10 Tips for Responsible Medication Use
Clinton on South Beach Diet
Top Ten Reasons Why We Hate IBS!
Emotional Effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Hypnotherapy as a Treatment for IBS
Three Questions People Are Asking About Health Care in America
The Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel and the FDA
Online Pharmacies and the FDA
Stem Cell Research
Prescription Drugs from International Pharmacies Save Elderly Money
Pain in the Butt. How to Deal with Hemorrhoids?
Increasing Patient Care and Reducing Liability in Seven Simple Steps
Web Therapy: Enhancing Patient Communication with Web Access
When Your John Doe Is Homeless
Pediatric Emergency Contact Notifications Made Easier
Patient Communication: Picking Up Where Medicine Leaves Off
Family Notification in Seven Quick and Easy Steps
Food for Thought
Onychomycosis - One Of The Many Nail Fungus Out There
The Top Seven Myths About Arthritis
Toenail Fungus: Tips For Treatment
Generating Pharmaceutical Sales before Marketing Authorization
Benefits of a Virtual Top Doctor Consultant
Finally...Affordable Prescription Medication without Insurance.
Integrative Medicine And Its Future
"Foot Pain Relief At Last!"
What You Should Know About Mixing Medications and Diet...
"So? Which One Do I Use Doctor? Heat or Ice?
22 Inside Tips on How You Can Make Your Arthritis Medicines Work Twice as Effectively in Half the..
"Do you suffer from Osteoarthritis? Here's how to tell!"
"Winning the War Against Rheumatoid Arthritis"
"Get Rid of Tendonitis ? Now!" Advice From An Expert?
New Company Helps Another Medical Condition Become: "Acceptable" Dinner Conversation
Does Heel Pain Mean that I Need to Stop Running?
The Cox-2 Prescription Painkillers Are Back?
An Introduction to Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Pharmaceuticals: The Next Frontier in America's War on Drugs
You Are Getting Very Sleepy....The Truth about Hypnosis
Top Five FAQs About Nail Fungus
Safely Mimicking the Effects of Accutane Without the Side-effects or Costs
Rogue Online Pharmacies: The Internet War Of 2005
Find a Doctor
Resperate or RESPeRATE - this device controls blood pressure however you spell it!
Low Blood Pressure - Why is Your Blood Pressure Low?
First Step To Addiction Recovery
Living Migraine Free
New Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy
Physicians, Chiropractors and Physical Therapist Agree on a New Treatment for Low Back Pain
Chronic Headaches and Pain Often Can Be Eliminated By A Special Dentist
Prescription Drug Benefit Cost Understated by $324 Billion!
Tempest in a Tea Cup, Wisdom in a Sake Cup
CRP And Your Heart
Orphan Drugs: Hope Where There Is Little or No Hope
Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness
Give Me Accutane or Give Me Death: The Politics of Prescriptions
Chronic Head, Facial, Or Neck Pain That Won't Go Away - Could It Be TMJ?
Taking The Sting Out Of Bug Bites
Arthritis Pain Relief : Questions To Ask Your Healthcare Provider
Testosterone Therapy in XXI Century
The Highway to Health - Bumped Heads
Why Drug Companies are Naughty and 5 Remedies to Cure the Symptoms
How Do I Choose The Best Arthritis Medicine?
Hypertension & High Blood Pressure: How To Improve Life Threatening Weight-Related Diseases
The Last Line of Defense Against Medication Errors: What You Need to Know to Keep your Family Safe
Over The Counter Drugs: How To Safely Choose The Right Medication
Powerful Arthritis Pain Relief For All Of Us
Questions to Your Physician or Psychotherapist
Using Blood Pressure Monitors To Maintain Your Health
The Importance Of Using Electric Wheelchairs To Improve Mobility
Traditional Treatments for Back Pain... Which Ones Work and Which Ones Don't?
Could This Be Arthritis In My Hands
Health Information: Coping With Stomach Ulcers
Electric Wheelchairs
Heart Disease: The Dangers Of Coronary Heart Attack And How To Avoid It
Why R.I.C.E.?
The Power of Ice
Family Healthcare: The Dangers Of A Heart Attack & How To Avoid It
The Ease of Using a Motorized Wheelchair to Improve Mobility
Comfortable, Affordable Lab Coats for the Health Care Professional
The Right Stethoscope For Your Needs!
The Right Medical Equipment For You Home Or Practice!
Finding the Medical Supplies you need!
Causes and Types of Cerebral Palsy
The Pain Factor
New Surgical Treatment Options for Hernias
Ulcers Are No Laughing Matter
Take Control of Your Doctor: Ten Actions To Get What You Need At Your Next Office Visit
Over The Counter Pain Medication: How To Choose The Right Drugs
Drug Interactions: Five Common Dangerous Interactions You Should Know About
Celebrex? Vioxx? Can My Doctor Provide Me With Safe Prescription Painkillers?
rX My Heart and Hope to Die
Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease With Lipitor and Pravachol
10 Steps To Detoxification
Warning! Flu Shots Can Be Dangerous To Your Health
Study Confirms IBS Improvement
Cetyl Myristoleate Seperating Fact From Fiction
Cetyl Myristoleate for Arthrtis: Science or Speculation
Health Needs of Survivors of Domestic Violence
Death by Fluoride
Diagnosis and Treatments of Cerebral Palsy
Orthotics: Prefab or Custom-Made?
Hypothermia - The Cold Facts
UltraCET: The Dynamic Duo Of Prescription Pain Control Medications
Anxiety Management With Prescription BuSpar: Don't Worry, Be Happy
Warning: Taking Bextra May Harm Your Health
NIH Official Altered Drug Study
Buy Electric Wheelchairs Online
The Equine Cushings Cure
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Cybill Shepherd Reveals All
Is Anxiety Ruling Your Life?
Alprazolam/Xanax - A Habit Forming Drug
Contact Lenses and Eye Glasses, How is Your Vision?
Mend Your Arthritis Pain Relief
Phentermine Diet Pills: When Diet and Exercise Arent Enough To Help You Lose Weight
How to Remove the Psychological Addiction to Smoking - and Start to ENJOY Giving Up Smoking!
The 7 Most Dangerous Mistakes You Can Make When You See a Doctor for Arthritis!
Flatfeet in Children: When Are They A Problem?
The Basic First Aid for Child Care Programs
Sinusitis: Sinus Infection Deals a Corporate KO
Coumadin Users Can Avoid Unnecessary Complications By Wearing Identification
Robotic Future of Hospitals; Pandemic Prevention and Bio-Terrorist Attack
Ultram Story: Keeping Pain Control Under Control
Catch The Wave
10 Reasons To Buy Drugs From An Online Canadian Pharmacy
Implant Dentistry - The Convenient and Safe Alternative to Dentures
Ambien Sleep Medication And Insomnia: What Is Insomnia And How Can Ambien Help?
Quitting Smoking: Planning To Succeed With Zyban!
Fioricet: Migraine Remedy Medication Or Just Another Headache?
Nasonex And You: Breathe Easy, Not Sneezy
Vioxx Side Effects : Are You Suffering?
Discipline Medicine
Prescription Drug Side Effects: Treating From The Outside Or The Inside?
Toenail Fungus: Treatment and Prevention
Parasites In Your Colon
Strong Pain Relief - Powerful & Effective Natural Pain Management Alternative
Why Our Healthcare System Isnt Healthy
ADHD - Are there Treatment Options?
Every Pharmaceutical Drug LEECHES Nutrients From Your Body
Zyprexa - History of the Drug
Overview of FDA Recalled Drug - BEXTRA
Facial Pain: When a Nerve Is a Live Wire
Curing Lou Gehrigs Disease
Christopher Reeve To Have Promoted Basement Lab
Your Kidney Function Really Matters: A Lighter Look at What You Need to Know to Prevent Adverse Dru
Spin Control: What to Do When Youre Dizzy
Bextra, Vioxx and Side Effects - Do You Need Aa Lawyer?
Bextra and Vioxx -- Tips for Arthritis Relief Without Them
Are You Suffering From Addiction?
Back Pain & Muscle Pain - Effective & Natural Pain Treatment Alternatives
Doc, My Tummy Aches and My Joints Hurt! Is there a connection?
Bextra and Vioxx -- Alternative Medications Have Warnings, Too
Signs of an Addiction
"Doc, my mouth is so dry all the time. What could be the problem?"
Rebound Headache - Stop The Cycle
Online Pharmacy Watch: DEA Does Spring Cleaning Of Illegal Internet Pharmacies
Be Informed About The Medications You Take
How Is Mold Like AIDS?
195,000 Die Annually From Hospital Mistakes
Bulk Forming Drugstore Laxatives
Emollients and Lubricant Drugstore Laxatives
Chinese Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine
Medical Billing Specialist
Cut Your Prescription Drug Costs Without Having to Buy Foreign Drugs
Stem Cell Breakthrough: Can You Now Make Your Own?
Over Medication; Grandma is on Drugs
Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers - Take An Informed Decision
How To Locate An Alcohol Rehabilitation Center In California
I Hurt All Over... How to Ease Away the Pain of Fibromyalgia!
Bextra Recall: Lawyer Says Help Is On The Way
Tomorrow Well Have Rabbit Feet; Cloning
Aleve, Vioxx, Celebrex, and Bextra: What You Need To Know About Arthritis Pain Medications
Vioxx and Bextra Lawsuits Could Tie Up Courts for Years
The Medical Community Changes Its Mind
High Cholesterol Prescription Medications Can Kill You
Protect Yourself Against the Flu Vaccine!
Bextra Withdrawal Could Be Just the Beginning for Pfizer
7 Tips to Keep Your Fluid Down on Dialysis
Potassium and The Dialysis Patient
Building A Medical Spa Inside Your Existing Medical Practice
What is Bextra? (FDA Recalled Drug)
Watch Out for Misleading Pharmaceutical Advertising
Medical Billing Software Takes the Stage
Hacking through the Medical Scheduling Software Jungle: Helpful Search Tips
Medical Billing PDA: 21st Century Convenience for Medical Practices
4 Reasons to Feel Safe Submitting an Electronic Medical Claim
Paxil Recall Lawyer Discusses Paxil Addiction
Phenylpropanolamine (PPH) Lawyer: Decongestant Causes Stroke
Lipitor Lawyer: Statin Drugs Cause Muscle Damage in 98%
Environmental Medicine
Residential Drug Treatment Centers
Bextra, Some Facts To Consider
Bextra and Vioxx Withdrawal Spurs Price Increase Among Rivals
Drug Abuse In Teens: Online Drug Abuse Identification Help
5 Risks to Avoid When Purchasing Discount Medicines Online
Dr. Will Horsley, M.D.
How to Make Changes in Your Healthcare Organization
Pagan Medicine: Then and Now
The Lower Cost Prescription Drug Alternative
Lipitor Side Effects
Bextra and Vioxx Withdrawal Spawn Advertising Pause from Bristol Myers
Rheumatoid Arthritis : the time bomb
How Safe Do You Feel Going To Hospital To Be Cured
3 Facts Everyone Should Know About Stem Cells
Medical Error Crisis
Antibiotics 101- What You Absolutely Need to Know
Medical Malpractice Suits: Death By Medicine
Five Secrets of High Blood Pressure Treatment
Are You Sometimes Confused by Written Medical Instructions?
Latest Medical Spa Equipment Showcased at New York Medical Spa Expo
Lamictal Rash Lawyer
Ephedra Product Ban
Cold-Eeze Side Effects Lawyer: Zinc Destroys Sense of Smell!
Celebrex Side Effects Lawsuit Lawyer
Ativan Side Effects Lawyer
Accutane Side Effects Lawyer: Hair Loss, Depression, Suicide
Lamisil Side Effects Lawyer: Lamisil Tablet
Lotronex Lawyer: Lotronex Side Effects Lawsuit
Meridia Lawyer: Meridia Diet Pill Side Effects
Naproxen Lawyer: Aleve Recall Consideration
Kids and Medication Part I
Kids and Medication Part II
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawyer Says: Get Help
Neurontin Lawsuit: Neurontin Off-Label Abuse Lawyer
OxyContin Addiction: Doctors & Drug Lords
Propulsid Litigation Lawyer Says: Unnecessary Drug Killed 80 People
Protopic Cancer Risk Lawyer
Redux Lawyer Discusses Fen-Phen Fad
Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health
Treating Lazy Eye in Older Children
Lunesta Side Effects
Serevent Side Effects Put Serevent in Top 5 Most Dangerous Drugs
Risperdal Side Effects: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome NMS
Seroquel Side Effects: Effects of Seroquel Worth the Risk?
Thimerosal: Autism and Mercury Poisoning Side Effects?
Rezulin Liver Failure Causes FDA to Recall Drug
Serzone Side Effects Lead to Serzone lawsuits
Viga Lies Cause Potential Fatalities
Vioxx Recall leads to Vioxx Lawsuits
Zicam Side Effects: Shortens Colds But Permanently Destroys Sense of Smell
Zoloft Side Effects: Akathisia and Violent Behavior
Zyprexa Side Effects are Deadly: Effects Include NMS
What is Going On With Pharmacies in Canada
Army Report Validates Prediction of Vaccine-Induced Epidemic
Top Ten Things You Should Know About Contact Lenses
An Addition For Practitioners - How to Help Your Patients and Your Practice
Medical Collections
7 Tips to Immediately Reduce Rotator Cuff Pain
Buy Lunesta Cheap By Comparing Prescription Prices Online
Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors (AChEIs)for the Treatment of Moderate and
Natural Vitamin E Combined with Vitamin C for Treatment of Alzheimers Disease
Three Antioxidants (ginko biloba, grade seed extract, and selenium) for Alzheimers Treatment
The Neurological Exam: Evaluating the Master Organ
CT and MRI Scans in Neurological Practice: A Quick Overview
Lumbar Puncture: This (Really) Is Spinal Tap
Medical Tests: What Does a Normal Range Mean?
Talking Money with Your Doctor: Drugs and Tests for Less
Defective Heart Defibrillators Recalled by Guidant Corporation
The Arthritis Pain Reliever... A New Program That Just Might Make You Younger!
Dangerous Drugs
Cholesterol Prescription Medications Can Kill You
Lunesta Sleeping Pills: A Quick Guide To Lunesta
Lunesta FAQ: Things To Know Before You Buy Lunesta Online
Mind Altering
Acid Reflux and Your Diet
Lunesta For Insomnia: A Guide To Compare Generic Lunesta ( Eszopiclone )
Phentermine Price Watch: Comparison Shop To Buy Phentermine At The Best Values Online
10 Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record
The Truth about C Reactive Protein and Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
At Last! Good News For Gout Sufferers!
Can You Always Trust Your Dentists Recommendations?
Affordable Drugs: Saving Money by Splitting Pills
Lunesta Revealed: 7 Things You Must Know Before You Buy Lunesta Prescriptions
Can Mexican Pharmacy Purchases Be Trusted?
Drug Them and Send Them Out
First Responder Human Hibernation Units
Medical Testing: Health By The Numbers Doesnt Work
Acid Reflux - Symptoms and Treatment
A Closer Look at Lower Back Pain Relief
A Look At Acid Reflux Treatment
Treatment for High Blood Pressure
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Steroid Injection for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Adaptogens for Life - The Science Behind the Discovery of Adaptogens
Root Canal Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions
Blood Pressure Treatment: High and Low Blood Pressure Tips and Medication!
Online Pharmacies are Making it Possible for Internet Consumers to Acquire Prescriptions Online
The P Value And Its Significance
A Closer Look at Neck Pain Relief
A Look at the Different Acid Reflux Symptoms
What Not to Tell Your Doctor?
Online Pharmacies Are Becoming Increasingly Popular Due To Their Convenience And Discreetness
Exposing the Miracle Cure
Stopping Hospital Infections
Generic Medicines
Antibiotics and Bowel Flora
A Compelling Look at Pain Relief
Bee Propolis: Synergisitc Health Care for the 21st Centruy
An Introduction to Acid Reflux Disease
Alzheimers Toxin May Be Key To Slowing Disease
How To Medically Treat Nail Fungus
Technology Over Drugs for Stress Related Tension Disorders
Healthcare Providers -- Its Time for Your Physical
Jet Lag Pills - Panacea or Placebo Effect?
New Antidepressant Developments and Approvals
Viagra Users - Overcome NAION Fear
Zyprexa Lawsuits
VIOXX Lawsuits
How to Find a Drug Rehab in Florida?
Which Drug Addiction Treatment is the Best?
Substance Abuse Attitude Testing by a Standardized Survey
Where to Find Maryland Drug Rehab Centers?
Arizona Drug Rehab: Finding Help in Arizona
Chicago Drug Rehab: Long Term Help For a Real Recovery
Utah Drug Rehab: Searching For A Therapist
How To Save Money On Prescription Medications
4 Reasons Why You Should Use Canadian Pharmacies
How to Tell If Online Consultations Are Right For You
After Viagra, Its Now a Premature Orgasm Pill for Women
Are Drug Companies Destroying The U.S. Health Care System?
Buy with confidence at Online Mexican Pharmacy
Stop Taking Blood Pressure Medications with Your Doctors Approval
Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV) Treatment Information - But First, What Is Molluscum?
Ingrown Toe Nails Medical Treatment
Lunesta Memory Problems
Lunesta Tolerance
Lunesta Dependence
Lunesta Withdrawal
Lunesta Personality Changes
Lunesta Pregnancy And Breastfeeding
Infants and Acid Reflux
Melatonin, Sleep Enhancement, and ADHD
Common Drugs and Their Uses
A Guide to Arthritis Pain Relief
Relafen: A New Drug with an Old Danger
Is the Mexican Pharmacy safe to buy drugs online?
SUPERLASIK- Enhance Your Vision; Safer Than LASIK
Whats a Good Arthritis Medicine for Me, Doctor?
Medical Tourism Opportunities in India
Pain Relief Drugs 101 What You Need to Know
The Controversy of Viagra® (Sildenafil Citrate), Other ED Medications, and Their Generic Counterpart
10 Home Remedies For Arthritis Pain Relief
Vioxx Personal Injury Lawsuits
Marketing Authorisation - Medicinal Products
Generic Drugs: How They Cost You Less?
Advanced Surface Ablation
Benign Tumors Of The Cervix
Check Out The Wonders Of Tea Tree Oil
The Trouble with Tranqs
Hemorrhoids Treatment - A Variety of Options
Modern Medicine Has Extended Life - BUT 9 Out of 10 People Say Its a Miserable Extension!
Interactive Technology in Healthcare Education
Oral Chelation - Is It Better Than Intravenous Chelation?
Generic Drug: Its Pros and Cons
The True Meaning of Alternative Medicine
To Buy Pain Meds Online, a Dangerous Move
Cholesterol Treatments Options: Statins
Mexico: Drugs Galore!
The Unique Benefits of Medical Adjustable Beds

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#MeToo in medicine: Women, harassed in hospitals and operating rooms, await reckoning
Over the course of a months-long investigation, NBC News spoke with nearly a dozen women and experts in medicine, who, like Jenkins, described widespread misconduct in hospitals and other health care settings, deeply woven into the fabric of their ...

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With medicine running out, Venezuelans with transplants live in fear
After years leading normal lives, they now live in fear as Venezuela's economic collapse under President Nicolas Maduro has left the once-prosperous OPEC nation unable to purchase sufficient foreign medicine or produce enough of its own. Some 31 ...

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Vaica reminds patients to take medicine
The problem has many causes: a busy schedule among working age people taking medicine, a psychological block against taking drugs or being identified as "ill," lack of confidence in the product, misunderstanding of the importance of taking medicine on ...

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Loxo Oncology Will Fulfill The Promise Of Precision Medicine
Seeking Alpha
Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Loxo Oncology is dedicated to developing precision medicines against genetically defined cancers. Its highly selective drugs in the pipeline will shift the paradigm of cancer treatment from the traditional "one-size-fits ...

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American Veterinarian

3-Dimensional Printing in Veterinary Medicine
American Veterinarian
Thus far, most cases requiring some aspect of 3-D printing have involved dogs and cats, but other species have also benefited, as illustrated by Patches and her face mask. Another example is Pete, a blue-crowned mealy Amazon parrot owned by a family in ...


Grey's Anatomy May Be Giving You the Wrong Ideas About Medicine, Study Says
A study published Monday in the journal Trauma Surgery & Acute Care says that medical dramas — Grey's Anatomy, specifically — “may cultivate false expectations among patients and their families” when it comes to the realities of medical care ...

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Researchers reveal Ugandan medicine disparities
Yale Daily News (blog)
A recent Yale study led by School of Public Health professor Mari Armstrong-Hough focused on Uganda's lack of access to medication for noncommunicable diseases, like heart disease and diabetes. The study pointed out disparities in the availability of ...

Fox News

Best medicine: Woman recovering in hospital receives visit from her beloved horse
Fox News
A bride-to-be was brought to tears when her fiancé arranged for her beloved horse to visit her in the hospital. Christine Carbonneau was feeling depressed after recovering from a monthlong induced coma after being struck down with pneumonia following ...


Medicine is nearing its #MeToo moment
Axios Profile photo. Haley Britzky 8 hours ago. Save. Medicine is nearing its #MeToo moment. A female surgeon ties her surgical mask around her face ...

For-profit medicine incentivizes overmedicating our elderly rather than caring for them
Michelle Chen For-profit medicine incentivizes overmedicating our elderly rather than caring for them. Denying seniors humane care deprives all of us of the right to age with dignity. Feb.20.2018 / 1:25 AM ET. We must reject a culture of medicalizing ...

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