Photography Information

Photography Information

Selecting Your First Digital Camera

Purchasing a digital camera is a wise decision, particularly if you take a lot of pictures and you want to control how they are developed. Camera prices continue to plummet and Americans are exchanging their 35mm cameras for digital devices at a record pace.

Photography Business: Taking Baby Photos - for Professionals & Families

Babies make the best and the worst subjects to photograph. They are the best for two reasons, people are more tolerant at looking at baby photos, as well as the fact that babies are not aware their image is being captured, and therefore they do not tend to put on the "camera face" so typically used by elder children and adults.

Magic and the Photograph

It was widely reported in the press (15 September 1997) that a British tourist, who stole a lump of stone from the base of the Great Pyramid five years earlier, returned it to the Cairo Museum with a letter saying that 'it had brought him bad luck ever since'. The Museum authorities were not surprised; several such items had been returned by people who felt cursed {When the Luxor Casino was built in Las Vegas it moved on its foundation so the elevators had a lot of re-engineering to be done, while I lived in Las Vegas.

Your Mobile Digital Darkroom - Five Tools of the Trade

While digital photography offers you the ability to review photograph instantaneously, it also offers you the added convenience of editing photos on the fly as well.Enter the world of the mobile digital dark room.

Removing Spot Scratches in Your Treasured Photos - 5 Minute Digital Fix

Probably one of the most common problems you will be faced with in doing any type of digital photo restoration work will be to do with spot scratches on your old photos.When we first look at those old black and white or early colour photos they often have small scratch marks and spots on them from being stored incorrectly.

Cropping Digital Photos Into Shape

Did you know that in many cases digital photos are cropped by the time they reach paper? If you have never "cropped" your photos manually, you may not be aware that it is happening.What is cropping?Cropping is the process of trimming portions of the digital image so it fits in the shape of the paper.

Safari Wildlife Photography Top Four Tips

I've been practising wildlife photography on safari for over twenty years now in places like the Kruger National Park, Chobe, Okavango Delta, and Hwange game reserves and these four tips have been indispensable in making sure that I get some decent wildlife photographs.1.

Kodak CX7300 Digital Camera

Quality digital cameras are becoming affordable for just about everyone these days. Kodak's entry into the low cost end of the market is their CX7300 3.

Things You Should Know Before Buying A Digital Camera

In a traditional camera, the lens was king. If the lens delivered a decent image, exactly that image would be recorded on the film.

Taking Panoramic Landscapes - The Easy Solution

I love panoramas. There's something very appealing about their shape.

The Naked Truth on Shooting Nudes

There are major obstacles to overcome to get into nude photography, not least of which is the need to practise technique. By its very nature there has to be at least one subject, and the big problem for the photographer here is image.

Start Up a Travel Photography Business

Too many people have the idea that being paid to take photographs of exotic places is the ideal job. It may take years of effort to be paid by magazines such as the National Geographic, but are there better ways to become a travel photographer.

Why 1.5 Megapixels is Enough

Dots Per Inch is a useful measure of relative resolution. But if you don't know the image size in inches or some other measure of size, then the amount of dots per inch doesn't mean much.

Start Up a Nude Photography Business

There are major obstacles to overcome to get into nude photography, not least of which is the need to practise technique. By its very nature there has to be at least one subject, and the big problem for the photographer here is image.

Imperfect Photos And How You Can Fix Them

So your picture came out less then perfect. Blemishes or wrinkles, red eyes and wrong color balance - you can fix it all without having to learn or pay for Adobe Photoshop.

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How to make your product photography shine
As long as there are companies making consumer products, there will be a need for product photography. Company "Alpha Bravo Charlie" will always be proud of the product it created and will want to show it off to the masses with demos and ads. But ...

The Week Magazine

The violence of flash photography
The Week Magazine
Susan Sontag was deliberately provocative when she coupled photography with violence. There is, she wrote in the essay "In Plato's Cave" (1977), "something predatory in the act of taking a picture." She pointed out that we speak casually about "loading ...

Laredo Morning Times

Archway Gallery features photography of Bellaire resident
Laredo Morning Times
Texas' oldest gallery that is both owned and operated by artists will spotlight the works of photographer and Bellaire resident Larry Garmezy April 7-May 3. At any given time, Archway Gallery, which is located on Dunlavy Street, showcases the work of ...


The problem with 'Latin American photography'
But with a region stretching from Mexico to the southern tip of Patagonia, covering some 20 countries with an estimated population of 640 million, some worry that referring to "Latin American photography" ignores the continent's cultural and artistic ...


7 Cosplay Photography Tips
Cosplaying, or costume playing, is considered one of the most fun and exciting forms of self-expression for people who enjoy fantasy and fiction. It involves dressing up and pretending to be a particular cartoon, film, or TV show character, and ...


When the white establishment ignored these black photographers, the Kamoinge collective was born
The group was formed in 1963, in Harlem, when two black photography groups — Draper's Group 35, which included Herman Howard and Calvin Mercer, among others, and another local group, which included Herbert Randall and Shawn Walker — combined to ...

Digital Trends

8 spring flower photography tips for budding photographers
Digital Trends
It's the time of year when bright green buds are popping out of the mud, but spring flowers offer a great opportunity for equally new and bright photographers. Flowers, with their bright colors, intricate details, and penchants for standing still for ...

The Island Now

Manhasset-Great Neck Camera club hosts high school photography contest
The Island Now
The Manhasset-Great Neck Camera Club's next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. March 26 at 7 p.m. at the Manhasset Public Library on Onderdonk Ave. This meeting will be a presentation meeting and is a great way to get to know the club. There will be a ...


MoMA's new photography exhibit focuses on identity in 2018
“Being: New Photography 2018” at the Museum of Modern Art offers a thought-provoking collection of works that challenges visitors to reassess what they are seeing — on MoMA walls and in the world — and is sure to spur discussion about identity in the ...

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Chicago Tribune

Betty Jeffreys, who started Evanston photography business in 1945, dies
Chicago Tribune
For her, photography was about interacting with people, talking to them and capturing the moment when it was right. Jeffreys, 95, died of heart failure Feb. 23 in Glenbrook Hospital in Glenview, her son said. She was living at her home in Glenview ...

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