Photography Information

Photography Information

Guidelines for Printing Great Photos at Home

So you have this great digital camera and you've taken lots of great photos. Now what? Well you could go to a store and have them print your images for you, but isn't that what you did with film? The point of all this great digital technology is that you can print your own photos at home without having to pay someone else to do it.

How to Buy the Right Digital Camera

When buying a digital camera there are many things you should consider. First you should understand how a digital camera works.

How to Take Great Photos of Your Child

Children are naturally photogenic. Ive worked in studios and children are so easy to photograph.

Photography 101 Part 3

ContentEven if you feel that you already know what kind of photography you like to do, it's always a good idea to try your talent at different aspects of photography.Pictorial, this is a general term but it applies to any photographer who's goal is simply to create beautiful photos.

Photography 101 Part 2

Basic CompositionNow that you are beginning to understand how your camera works you can begin to understand basic composition. I know that many people that I've talked to think that photography is just pointing your camera and taking a photo but it's more than that.

How to take Great Photos of Your Pet

We all love our animals. They do such funny, adorable, and cute things.

Better Photos with Your Digital Camera

Everyone has a digital camera today and we all take a lot of photos. But if your photos still have trees coming out of your father's head, mom has red eye, and your beloved pet is never facing the camera then here are some tips to help you take better photos.

Terms Used The In The Stock Photography Business

So you are a small business person or web designer and you want to purchase some stock photography for your website. Great.

A New Way to Use Old Snapshots

If you're like me, you have hundreds of photographs sitting in envelopes. Pictures from birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings, anniversaries, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

9 Tips For Taking Great Digital Photos

IntroductionModern cameras are highly automatic in operation. They have auto focus and auto exposure.

Photography Has No Gender

Women photographers are fortunate. Unlike other titles, photographer has no gender.

The Arizona Desert Museum

The vast beauty and richness of the desert can be easily seen in one place in Tucson, Arizona. Known as the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum ["Desert Museum"], this gorgeous and convenient site is host to a cornucopia of plants, birds and animals native to the desert.

The Venice Rookery

Love is in the air at the Venice Rookery. The birds (and the bees) are there doing the thing they are so famous for, and you can take pictures of it! Seriously, though, the Venice Rookery is an ideal spot to photograph birds mating, building their nests, fighting for territory and feeding their chicks.

Basics of Photography

Understanding light is one of the very basic principles of learning to be a photographer. When you have a group of people in front of you with smiling faces ready for you to say 'cheese' or if you are taking a shot of a scenic area, the most important consideration is the light factor.

History of the Camera

Early cameras of the 16th and 17th century were able to project images onto paper or glass but the study of capturing, processing and printing the images took many more years. Up until the 17th century, scientists believed that light was composed basically of the 'white' that is perceived by the human eye.

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