Photography Information

Photography Information

Travel and Scenic Photography 101

When you're driving through the mountains somewhere, and you notice a car parked half off the road and some guy leaning to the left to avoid a branch with his Rebel 2000 camera in the act of focusing, you've met me. I do this because, to me, a trip isn't fulfilling unless I've preserved that beauty for posterity.

Using Film Speed Effectively

So you have this great new camera. Now you're standing in front of a display of more film that you've ever seen.

Using Film Speed Effectively (Black & White Film Thoughts)

It's hard to find sometimes but it's making a resurgence, black and white film. If you've never used this film now is the time to try it out.

Everybody is Fixing Their House or Apartment Up These Days. Use That Digital Camera to Capture

That's right, you go through all the trouble of making your house or apartment nicer by hauling yourself off to the local fix it yourself store or hiring some professionals to come in and do it for you, so why not capture an accurate record of it for posterity. At almost no cost I might add.

Photography 101 Part 1

Photography 101 Part One Equipment: camera, meter, flash, tripod This article is a simplified photography course directed at new photographers out there who want to know where to start. If you really want to learn photography the first thing you need is a good affordable and reliable camera.

Tame Those Memories

Family vacations, summer weddings and family reunions are in full swing, and the warm memories and envelopes of photographs are ever growing! You certainly intend to organize them -- but the boxes in the attic are full of intentions, and now the photograph CDs are being to pile up! What can you do to stop the madness?Step 1: Decide why you are saving the photographs. My mother- in-law, for example, wants to ensure them for future generations, which means acid-free paper and detailed labeling.

Bracketing and How To Use Tt Correctly...

What Is..

Choosing The Right Digital Camera

Let's get something straight right out of the box. If you're looking to buy a new digital camera, you don't really have to be an expert in pixels and mega pixels and all that kind of stuff.

How Can I Preserve My Lifetime of Memories in Photographs?

Like most folks you have probably have organized and sorted your photos atleast once. The problem is they never seem to stay organized no matter how hard you try, and even if they do they seem to lack that original impact that they had shortly after you took them or if they do, you never drag them out until sadly, someone passes on.

Digital Cameras and Digital Photography

Before you rush into buying your digital camera this holiday season make sure your properly informed. Many consumers during the holiday season rush into purchasing electronic equipment in a mad panic to get that high end gift for their loved one or spouse.

Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

At a Photo Club meeting I attended recently, the President made a comment on another meeting he had attended, where someone in the audience asked the presenter where to find good subjects to photograph. The presenter in question started giving specifics instead of identifying the core issues in question, Attitude and Perspective.

Photography Jobs: Do You Have a Future in Photography?

There is a wide world of photography. It touches each of us in our lives on a daily basis in some form or another.

Photography Contest - a fun and rewarding experience

Do you like to take photos? Are you always standing by with your camera waiting for that moment that is meant to be captured on camera? You may even be taking photography classes or maybe you have already completed a photography course and you want to share your photos with others. You may want to get into photography as a career and winning a photography contest will help you get recognized.

Black and White is Beautiful

Think about Laurel and Hardy for a moment, or Charlie Chaplin, and even Harold Lloyd. All true examples of early cinema genius.

Photographing Kids

Kids grow up so quickly and while we are often left with countless memories, most parents have only a drawer packed with school photos, blurry holiday snaps and the forced grin of the inevitable yearly birthday picture to account for the years gone by. It's time to stop bemoaning the latest photograph of your thumb obscuring your adorable baby and get on with improving your skills as a photographer.

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Arco Rock Star / The international climbing photography contest 2019  Planetmountain

From 10 to 12 May 2019 Arco, Italy will host the Adventure Awards Days and also the fourth international climbing photography contest Arco Rock Star.

How to Photograph the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of 2019! (Video)

Before you take your camera out to photograph the "super blood moon" lunar eclipse this weekend, you may want to check out these tips for capturing the best ...

Photography news: Careful, self-driving cars can ruin your camera sensor  Digital Trends

In this week's photography news, learn how self-driving cars destroyed a digital camera via lasers. Find out how many patents Canon filed for in 2018.

How photography became the ‘dominant form of recording the world’  The Washington Post

Most of us give up painting or sculpting when we leave the art classes of grade school, and aside from participation in church choirs or garage bands, most of us ...

Book focuses on career of Thousand Oaks celebrity photographer Orlando Suero  Ventura County Star

During his heyday from the 1950s to the 1980s, Thousand Oaks celebrity photographer Orlando Suero photographed everyone from John and Jacqueline ...

In the Galleries: Photography, pottery, Snow Queens and more

“Prairie Sentinels”: Photography by John Eichinger on display Jan. 31 through May. “Memories Created, Friendships Made”: Needlework pieces by the Prairie ...

2019 British Life photography awards – in pictures | Art and design  The Guardian

The awards aim to capture and celebrate the essence of life in Britain through illuminating, humorous and poignant imagery. Opening at Mall galleries in London ...

Eclipse 2019: How to photograph the Blood Moon? Veteran photographer David Noton's tips

THE Blood Moon eclipse tomorrow night creates a rare opportunity for photographers and astronomers alike to capture a snapshot of the total lunar eclipse.

Walter Chandoha, Photographer Whose Specialty Was Cats, Dies at 98  The New York Times

A stray kitten appropriately named Loco started Mr. Chandoha on an unexpected career. By the time he died, he had taken some 90000 cat pictures.

Why Master Photographer Ralph Gibson Went Digital After Decades  WIRED

The renowned film photographer Ralph Gibson was lying in his shrink's office in lower Manhattan a few years back, brooding. FedEx had knocked on his door ...

The 9 Young Photographers You Should Be Following in 2019  W

From the self-portraitist Chris Smith to Rolling Stone's first black cover photographer, Dana Scruggs, these are the young photographers to watch in 2019.

This wildlife photographer invented his own devices to capture images of dangerous and elusive animals  GeekWire

Will Burrard-Lucas is a wildlife photographer who has created his own remote camera gear to capture dangerous and elusive animals.

How to Get Into Photography (Without Being a Dick About It)  Lifehacker

So: you love taking pictures on your phone and want to upgrade to some fancier equipment. But where do you start? How do you know how much to spend on a ...

Your best photos of the week, January 18, 2019  National Geographic

Each week, our editors choose stunning photos submitted by members of Your Shot, National Geographic's photo community.

How to Start Making Money as a Photographer  Fstoppers

One of the hardest parts of becoming a professional photographer is that initial jump from amateur work to being paid to create photos. This quick and helpful ...

Annual photography exhibition opens at Museum of Fine Arts  KPRC Click2Houston

HOUSTON - The 24th edition of "Eye on Houston: High School Documentary Photography", opened Wednesday and will run through Aug. 11 at the Museum of ...

What Is the Real Meaning of Photography  Fstoppers

A surprising omission and sudden need to fill a gap led me to an important revelation. What is a photograph? Is it a collection of ones and zeros that comprise a ...

Showcase: Chris Klopf  Surfer Magazine

Over the past five decades, Northern California surfer and photographer Chris Klopf has sought to capture the wild spirit of surfing in his own way.

See some of the winning photos in the Ocean Art 2018 Underwater Photography Competition  Washington Post

The 7th annual competition, one of the most prestigious nature photo contests organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, attracted a high caliber of ...

Winners of Hawaii Photography Show at Wailoa Center  Hawaii Tribune Herald

The Hawaii Photography Show kicked off the 2019 schedule for Wailoa Center on Jan. 4 with the announcement of the winners of the juried competition.

Unearthing Photography’s Time Capsule  The New York Times

Four trailblazing photographers — Robert Frank, Robert Heinecken, Dave Heath and John Wood — collaborated on a project that was hidden for 30 years.

Photographer Reignites Debate of Morals in Documentary Photography With Footage of Animals Stuck in Mud  Fstoppers

A photographer has reignited the debate of ethics surrounding documentary work and animal welfare, after he posted footage online showing a kangaroo and a ...

13 Stories That Captured Photography in 2018  New York Times

Lens published reports from all corners of the earth this year, often by photographers working within their own communities. We covered the effects of conflict ...

candida höfer's architectural photography in mexico exhibits in new york  Designboom

candida hofer, known for her large-scale architectural 'portraits,' exhibits works drawn from her mexico series at sean kelly gallery in new york city.

The Ten Commandments of Photography  Fstoppers

By “commandments,” I simply mean photography truths that have worked for me. Everyone has photography truths to believe in, but here are my 10.

GVDC holds poster contest for kids, photography for adults and children  WVVA TV

(Lewisburg) The Greenbrier Valley Conservation District is announcing its 2019 Poster Contest. It is part of a largercontest put on by the West Virginia.

Photography: Dominant form of recording the world  Cape Cod Times

A Chronology of Photography: A Cultural Timeline From Camera Obscura to Instagram by Paul Lowe, Thames & Hudson. 272 pp. $29.95 Most of us give up ...

How Does Photography Affect You? We Tried to Find Out  WIRED

We've all got cameras in our pockets—but how do those countless photos we take every year change our brains and emotions?

Int'l Ice and Snow Photography Exhibition held in Jilin - Xinhua |  Xinhua

A visitor walks past photographic works displayed at the International Ice and Snow Photography Exhibition in Jilin City, northeast China's Jilin Province, Jan.

Photographer Falls Victim to 'International, Highly Elaborate Scam,' Potential Kidnap Plot  Fstoppers

A photographer based between LA and NYC has fallen victim to an “international travel scam” on a huge scale, which saw her end up in Indonesia and down ...

The best new photography gear at CES 2019  Popular Photography Blog

Cameras may not be the focus of CES, but there are some solid new products hitting the market in 2019.

The Middle East framed - regional photography for January 20, 2019  The National

We bring you the best pictures from the Middle East and North Africa.

How Photography Changed My Life: My Story of Becoming a Photographer  Fstoppers

What does photography mean to you? In this article, I share my story about how photography changed my life and my journey as an artist. See my ups, my ...

PHOTOS: Tempe recognizes top photographers at 2019 Instagrammy's  ABC15 Arizona

Some fifty photographers were recognized at the 2019 City of Tempe Instagrammy's, the city's social media photo contest that was launched in 2018. Eighteen ...

How Is Photography Affecting Us?  Fstoppers

People are going to the plastic surgeon to get rhinoplasties because their mobile phone cameras distort their noses too much while taking selfies. What does ...

The Colorful and Clairvoyant History of Aura Photography  Artsy

In 1936, cultural critic Walter Benjamin famously posited the loss of the “aura” in art—the aura being a mystical force that stemmed from an artwork's unique ...

Mike Mandel's 'Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards'  WBUR

Photographer and lifelong baseball fan Mike Mandel featured over 130 of his colleagues in a timeless set of trading cards.

BEST OF SKOOK: Winner of the "Best Photographer" in Schuylkill County for 2019 Is . . .  Skook News

And the winner of the Best of Skook Poll, "Best Photographer in Schuylkill County" is . . 1) A Farr Photography / Ashley Farr Donatti, Schuylkill Haven, PA

A photographer plunked a photo booth outside BIW and made shipbuilder portraits. She learned a lot about them  Bangor Daily News

We wanted to be very careful that this wasn't like us going to the zoo. We weren't coming down there to gawk.. Maine news, sports, politics, election results, and ...

Channeling The Pain Of Depression Into Photography, And Finding You Are Not Alone  NPR

Tara Wray's book Too Tired for Sunshine is a collection of images she made while struggling with depression. The work struck a chord with others, who are now ...

2018: A year in photographs on The Verge  The Verge

Last year, the introduction to 2017: A Year in Photographs began, “As 2017 finally draws to a close, we can all look back on a year that in many ways seems to ...

Clouds of smoke: How cannabis stock photography got out of control  The GrowthOp

This past summer, the podcast CANADALAND released an episode titled “The Legend Of Weed Toque Girl” which took listeners through an uncannily ...

I would like to add some thoughts to my previous posting, in which I explained that at the age of… - Photography is Not a Crime  Indian Country Today Media Network

Photography of course has a place in commerce. The camera's ability to show fine detail and its inherent sharpness make it ideal for producing illustrations of ...

FACT CHECK: Giant Human Skeleton Photographs

According to the Old Testament, the Nephilim were were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge.

How an Elaborate International Scam is Making the Rounds Among Instagrammers and Photographers  PetaPixel

It all started with an email from Wendi Murdoch. She claimed that she had found us through a personal recommendation from a senior editor at Conde Naste ...

Authentic, holistic, retro photography is in: Here are 2019’s predicted trends  Digital Trends

Now that 2019 is here, data from the biggest searches in 2018 can help photographers, videographers, and other creatives determine which projects will ...

First camera crash course: simple solutions for mastering your new camera  TechRadar

So you bought your first camera... now what do you do? If you're struggling with your first steps in DSLR or mirrorless photography, rest assured you're not alone.

Friends Through Flames: Camaraderie on the Front Lines of Wildfire Photography  PetaPixel

When historic wildfires raged across California last year, thousands of firefighters were deployed to combat them. And alongside those brave men and women ...

Aerial photography captures the beauty of how water shapes our planet  New Atlas

Water.Shapes.Earth is a spectacular photographic project from veteran artist and storyteller Milan Radisics. The project tells the story of how water shapes the ...

Over 6,000 Ottoman-Era Photographs Now Available Online  Hyperallergic

The Getty Research Institute has digitized a collection of Ottoman-era photographs available to study and download for free. Deena ElGenaidiJanuary 4, 2019.

Photos Day Or Night: How One Photographer Documented The Segregated South  NPR

Evident in the new book, Photos Day or Night: The Archive of Hugh Mangum, is a playfulness that was unlike the work of any other photographer from the turn of ...

This Solar System Photo Was Shot From a Photographer's Backyard  PetaPixel

Check out this family portrait of our solar system. It's a composite photo created by a single astrophotographer who photographed the planets from his own ...

Photographing storms from the best seat in the sky  CNN

Ecuador-based Santiago Borja is known as "The Storm Pilot" because of this amazing pictures of violent weather he's taken from the cockpit.

Fair housing advocate in Milwaukee sets off to find "Dora" in decades old photograph  WDJT

(MILWAUKEE) - On the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we highlight the search for the owner of an old photograph rich in symbolism. The picture was found in ...

'Photograph 51' offers tantalizing views of DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Renaissance Theaterworks performs 'Photograph 51,' with Cassandra Bissell portraying DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin.

20 Best Mobile Photography Accessories of 2018  Resource Magazine

With the end of the new year comes all the gear and production that allowed our digital memories to exist. Here's a list from Resource counting off the best ...

Havana Street Photography Tour with Master Photographer Federico Savini  Hyperallergic

Tour participants are invited to exhibit a selection of their photographs in a group show at the Pratt SCPS Gallery.

Shocker: News Photography Gets Worse Without Actual News Photographers  Fstoppers

It's been a rough time for photojournalists, with many large metro newspapers laying off entire photo staffs. Quality is bound to take a hit, but does the public ...

How This Photographer is Using His Camera to Combat Depression  PetaPixel

Photographer Greg Sheard has suffered from depression for nearly two decades now, but two years ago he took up a new weapon in his fight against it: his ...

What it’s like living on a Greek island where people live longer than just about anywhere else  The Washington Post

Many of us hope to live long, fruitful and healthy lives. And some of us, in the end, are more successful at that pursuit than others. But there are several regions ...

Epistemic Violence and the Careful Photograph - Journal #96 January 2019  E-Flux

In April 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in the city of Savar, an industrial suburb of Dhaka, Bangladesh, killed 1,138 workers and injured ...

Photos  Missoulian

2018 was filled with wonderful moments that our photographers strive to show our readers everyday. From presidential visits to tasting the winter's first snowman, ...

Renowned Photographer Jimmy Chin Shares His Tips For Adventure Photography  Travel+Leisure

Mountain sports athlete and award-winning photographer Jimmy Chin shares the mistakes to avoid and tips to follow for budding adventure photographers.

Doña Ana Photography Club awards photos of the year  Las Cruces Sun-News

Las Cruces photographer Gerald Guss was named photographer of the year and Las Cruces photographer Carl Maier was awarded the photo of the year.

Calling all young photographers — The Essence of Orkney photography competition  The Orcadian

The Orcadian is calling on all budding young photographers to submit their photos for our Essence of Orkney photography competition. As part of the ...

The Terrible History of Photographs, Sesame Street-Style  PetaPixel

It has never been easier to shoot and share photos than in our modern Instagram age. The YouTube puppet web series Glove and Boots made this ...

In Reuben Wu’s Photography, a View of Another World  Artsy

In the dead of night at 16,000 feet in the Andes of northern Peru, Reuben Wu trekked through the treacherous icy terrain, camera and drone in hand, to capture ...

Sally Mann: a photographer's dark vitality  Easy Reader

J. Paul Getty Museum, Sally Mann: a thousand crossings - Through light to darkness, and back again “Sally Mann: a thousand crossings,” at the Getty (a review) ...

The Big Shot photography competition | Travel | The Sunday Times  The Times

Congratulations to Josh Taylor, of Hove, who didn't have to walk far to snap Brighton's West Pier. He wins £250 in Wex photographic vouchers and entry onto ...

Marc Hauser, photographer who shot famous Chicagoans and celebs, dies at 66  Chicago Sun-Times

Chicagoans may or may not recognize the name of photographer Marc Hauser, but if they have lived here for any amount of time, they surely have seen his work ...

George Lindblade finds adventures, fun in photography  Sioux City Journal

If you're interested in Siouxland history, you probably know photographer and broadcast news media pioneer George Lindblade.

Brilliant atmospheric photographs show the state of the nation at the start of 2019  Daily Mail

Encapsulating the lives of those in the nation through compelling imagery, the British Life Photography Awards showcases the work of both amateur and ...

This former Tri-Citian is now an award-winning street photographer. See how he captures the world  Tri-City Herald

A former Tri-Cities man, Mike McCawley, is finding success as a street photographer in Chicago, Illinois.

A Photographer’s Quest to Reverse China’s Historical Amnesia  The New York Times

The Chinese photographer Li Zhensheng has been on a decades-long mission to make his country remember the Cultural Revolution.

Best of 2018: Top 36 Photographs From Around the World  My Modern Met

This year has been filled with beauty, adventure, laughs, and wanderlust. Let's take a look back with the best photos of 2018.

Don't Mess With THIS Photographer  PetaPixel

Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration.

An Itinerant Photographer Who Made Everyone His Subject  WUNC

Self-taught portrait photographer Hugh Mangum thought of himself as an artist from a young age. He attended classes at the Methodist Female Seminary's art.

Photographer Visualizes Depression in Surreal Photography Ideas  My Modern Met

Photographer Gabriel Isak has lived with depression for many years. Using surreal photography ideas, he visualizes the mental illness as a way to cope with it.

The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design  The Guardian

Gunfire and explosions in Nairobi, fast food at the White House, a great white shark off the coast of Oahu and the Australian Open tennis – the week captured by ...

Wildlife Photographer Takes Rare Shot of 5 Penguin Species Together  The Pew Charitable Trusts

The South Sandwich Islands, a remote overseas territory of the United Kingdom, are a biological hotspot for threatened penguins and other seabirds.

these photographers documented new york’s legendary punk scene  i-D

From Blondie to the Ramones, i-D spoke to Roberta Bayley and GODLIS to find out just what made CBGB's so special.

Local Pro: Mike Nelson, New York Surf Photographer Surf News

Local pro captures all the Empire State's many moods.

Become a Better Photographer With This 52-Week Photo Challenge  Lifehacker

Become a better photographer” has been on my New Year's resolution list every year for probably a decade. I guess it's more of a goal than a resolution.

The abandoned Soviet-era spas a community of refugees calls home  CNN

Photographer Ryan Koopmans has spent the last five years documenting the now abandoned sanatoriums of Tskaltubo, Georgia, and the people who live there.

Colorado Mountain College students earn photography accolades  Aspen Times

Three Colorado Mountain College professional photography students are echoing the success of other CMC alumni in the world of photography. Since 2011 ...

Photos: 'Photograph 51' (Renaissance Theaterworks)  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photos: 'Photograph 51' (Renaissance Theaterworks)

Ageless Beauty Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Thighs In New Instagram Photograph  The Inquisitr News

British actress Elizabeth Hurley is well-known across the globe for her age-defying looks and she keeps reminding her fans that age is just a number by posting ...

The most spectacular, surreal and psychedelic photography of 2018  New Atlas

From alien architecture to neon water reflections, the last 12 months have delivered a stunning array of photographic treats. To celebrate the new year we have ...

Navy photographer helps train Afghan counterparts  Defence Connect

A Royal Australian Navy photographer has delivered a photography and video course to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), to help ...

Sony a6400 hands-on review with sample images  Popular Photography Blog

We spent a few days shooting with the Sony a6400. Here is what we think so far.

A Pioneering Photographer's Legacy In Algae  Hyperallergic

In 1843, Anna Atkins created the first book illustrated with photography. It took over a century for her pioneering work to be recognized. Allison MeierJanuary 1, ...

A Digital Landscape Photographer's Introduction to Film  PetaPixel

I am constantly asked questions about how I started and how to start shooting film. So, here we go! This guide is intended to be a story of my introduction to film ...

What is the best aperture and focal length for portraits?  TechRadar

Find out how changing the aperture and lens focal length can produce very different effects with your subjects.

Why Kodak Willingly Ignored the Future of Photography  Cheddar

View Transcript. January 8, 2019. Updated 5d ago. In 1977, Steve Sasson, a Kodak employee, was granted a patent for the world's first digital camera ー 20 ...

Interview: Street Photographer Explores the Faces That Make New York  My Modern Met

Self-taught photographer Colin Ridgway is known for his New York street photography, which often focuses on candid photos of strangers riding the subway.

Total lunar eclipse photography: Shutterstock shooters share their secrets  Digital Camera World

Five astrophotographers explain how they took stunning pictures of the Blood Moon during previous eclipses.

The best of 2018 wildlife photography awards – in pictures  The Guardian

Winning images from the year's national and international wildlife photography competitions.

CLUMSY TEXAS MOTORCYCLE COPS CRASH INTO EACH OTHER ON HIGHWAY - Photography is Not a Crime  Indian Country Today Media Network

Recently released video from the Irving Police Department in Texas shows two police motorcycles crashing into each other after the officers pulled out to stop ...

Why Are Photographers So Mean to Each Other?  Fstoppers

Today, I'm tackling photographer-on-photographer criticism. And while some may read this article (as well, some may not) and comment that criticism can be ...

I used to think Ansel Adams’s photographs were boring. This exhibition changed that.  The Washington Post

BOSTON — Until recently, I would have said that nothing could be more boring right now than looking at photographs by Ansel Adams. Sacrilege, I know.

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