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Locusts To Help Make Energy From Bio Waste, part III

If we bring the locusts to a feasting area of green cut up bio-waste to allow them to turn that into methane and protein, then we will be able to win the game. We must first limit the areas for egg laying so we do not end up with red-goo syndrome and runaway locust populations. This can be done by; pancake stacking, similar to bread racks moist sand in trays, about 4 inches thick and ten inches apart. Sprinkled with grass clippings like a light snow or dust upon the ground. Once the Adult females have laid their egg pods they have fulfilled their biological mission and need as per their genetic software code and will of course need to repeat this every six weeks or so. These little fulfilled species will be happy and we as humans get the best of all worlds, protein, energy and solving of a plight upon the earth.

So if you cannot beat them, eat them? Sounds like good advice. And while we are taking "Sound" we should remember this is how we will control them by using acoustic frequency energy to create an artificial barrier which the locusts will wish to stay with it's boundary. Just like for the most part humans are bound by gravity, time and distances thru space. We are stuck here on Earth and seem to be most content to fulfill our biological needs, to be born, procreate, create a little controversy and chaos, sound and fury and then die, without really effecting much outside our realm here on Earth.

When a swarm erupts we spring into action with aircraft which are equipped with acoustic wave devices which corral the locust swarm into a tighter pattern and funnel them to the nearest dump site with some bio-waste, we then keep feeding the swarm with more bio-waste until we are ready to again move the swarm. Each region of more than 500 miles will have a locust farm for energy and protein food. Each bio waste site will be set up in a pentagon grid pattern throughout regions know to have locusts plagues as per history and known population of adult locusts. The new populations of locust swarms brought into the farms will keep the local populations healthy with bio-diversity and prevent species-specific diseases which might later kill off the locusts in the farm and may eventually jump species and cause a problem in our human food supply.

Desert Locusts will fly at speeds of 10 mph to 13 mph, the swarms can travel up to 80 miles per day, Locusts have been known to cross the red sea in swarms (about 180 miles). There is a documented case where swarm migrations in 1954 went from North-West Africa to the British Isles. In one documented case the insects went from West Africa to the Caribbean in about ten days in 1988, 5000 km. Solitary Desert Locusts fly at night and the gregarious adults in swarms fly during the daylight times. With such distances this insect seems to be natures perfect corral able food supply. We will use several aircraft with UAVs in formation as flying barriers with sonic guidance equipment to steer these locusts to the designated point.

To get locusts to swarm is really easy, they change behavior when they are in tight density as the population in an area swells they take to travel, becoming highly mobile. They typically act as an individual insect, but have swarming capabilities and behavior patterns as well, so by increasing the populations they will have swarming innate characteristics. The locusts even begin to change colors going from brown to pink or yellow. The pink locusts are the younger and the yellow are the adults. At one time these different colors were thought to be different species and if you look at some of the older encyclopedias you will still see that mistake. By combing the desert with sonic finders we can round up locusts and force them into smaller and smaller areas until they take flight, then we guide their natural migration to a pointed suited to their goal, food supply and procreation points.

We will eventually in the future be able to round these locusts up with UAVs using GPS Satellite Way Points.

Most weather satellites and GeoSats cannot see Locust Migrations and Swarms, but since this is a World Security Issue; the most advanced and sophisticated Boeing, Hughes and Lockheed Spy Satellites will be used to track the locusts swarms and assist the aircraft and UAVs as they corral the swarms.

Aircraft and UAVs can be later replaced with specially designed: mini blimp UAVs with nano-covered skin, which the locusts cannot eat through, but the skin remains light weight for maximum payload (NASA is testing such material now). The Blimp will move relatively slow and can stay with slow moving locusts guiding them around villages, farmer fields, livestock and surface mammals. In studying the different frequencies that farmers use to control pests, this technique is already proven. There are many organic thinking farmers who are trying to reduce pesticides and use sound instead. One interesting program is in Washington State in Yakima where apple growers have been highly successful in keeping insects from the trees. Farmers today are dealing with this problem today in Israel:

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