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INSPIRATIONAL COMMENTS:"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation. - Herbert Spencer"Albert Einstein - "We are seeking for the simplest possible scheme of thought that will bind together the observed facts.

A Review of Scientific American Magazine

From Quantum Black Holes to Neuromorphic Microchips Scientific American Magazine has the coverage to keep your young or mature science enthusiasts learning and growing. This magazine never fails to deliver thought provoking stories targeted to the audience that is driving the latest innovations and changes around the globe.

Reverse Osmosis and Deionized Water Filtration

Let's face it if you are in a business needing de-ionized water or reverse osmosis water you are always concerned about the quality of your water. I know as a mobile detailing business that when we have ultra clean water in our tanks we are a happy camper.

Controls - The Building Blocks of Automation

As man learns to make machines that no longer rely on animal or human power, he finds that he has to develop some means to manage and control them. Powerful machines let loosed by themselves will create havoc and destruction.

Transducers - The Remarkable Changers

Complex control systems all make use of signals that can be easily measured and altered remotely. Automatically operated machines or actuators need to be powered either by electrical motors, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.


BI-LOCATION (PADRE PIO & PYTHAGORAS): - I have some experience with an even more 'fantastic' occurrence that ties in with dematerialization. Some approaches to the Bermuda Triangle might even be part of a dimensional shift and the time/worm hole science, which String Theorists and chaos science are able to provide arcane formulations to prove.

The As Have it

ALTERNATE AND PARALLEL UNIVERSES: - The modern science of physics has opened many pathways or doorways to the infinite possibilities of 'creation'. Evolution is not the only operational factor in our life and its purpose.

Mars Surface Exploration and AFF

As we study more and more about Mars we know there is life. Unfortunately in many regions of the planet it is not so evident.

Mini Robots Grid Meteorite Search

We need very much to study meteorites more, but we need more sampling to get this done. One way to do this is to go out hunting for meteorites.

Social Robotic Bees to Prevent Killer Bee Attacks on Cities

We need to design tiny robotic bees, which can mimic real insect bees. By doing this bee keepers can help remove killer bee populations from city dwelling where they might attack people.

Hurricane and Typhoons Show Drop in Ozone Levels

A recent study, which was conducted by the Florida State University, showed that ozone levels drop as the Hurricanes get bigger. The NASA funded study looked at readings in the upper atmosphere of 12 storms.

Acoustic Transducers and Light Waves for VSTOL, a Concept

Is it possible to use many acoustic transducers underneath an aircraft in a crisscross fashion to make the air much thicker. Almost like a platform that a VSTOL aircraft using low pressure could use to push off of? Although the amount of energy to be required to do this might be substantial; it seems to be possible.

Ocean Polymer Goo to Stop Enemy Ships, a Concept

Naval blockade using polymer goo to stop fleeing ships might be possible. In this concept we will use the goo to stick to the bottom of the opposing navy's vessels.


CREATION OF ANIMATE FROM INANIMATE: - We have touched upon some scientific dry wells and frauds already. The idea of cold fusion and perpetual motion that the Utah researchers may not have achieved was just dealt with: but a recent report showing a Utah student using Farnsworth's old designs is another example that makes me think Cold Fusion is going to be a reality.

Atlantis through Science

ICE AGES: - The impact of the ice ages and inter-glacial effects on the rise and fall of ocean levels and the earth readjustments to the departure of the ice cap cannot be over-looked in the human historical picture. Research in the area is far greater than in the recent past and we can learn what might have happened to earlier civilizations on earth.

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News at a glance  Science Magazine

Tens of thousands of school students marched in more than 100 countries on 15 March to demand that governments take immediate action to control climate ...

This Week in Science  Science Magazine

Myxomatosis is a viral infection that was deliberately introduced from American cottontail rabbits into European rabbit populations to control their population.

Parallel adaptation of rabbit populations to myxoma virus  Science Magazine

Myxomatosis is a viral infection that was deliberately introduced from American cottontail rabbits into European rabbit populations to control their population.

Empowering young innovators  Science Magazine

We are surrounded by a group of high school and college students in Mérida, Mexico, in a classroom that is completely dark except for beams of colored light.

Response  Science Magazine

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) appreciates the concerns expressed in the thoughtful letter from Lu et al. on behalf of the Society of Chinese Bioscientists ...

The reef builders  Science Magazine

A colony of Acropora millepora releases bundles of eggs and sperm. Researchers trying to create hardier hybrids have just hours to use the precious material.

White House details proposed cuts to science agencies  Science Magazine

The White House this week unveiled new details of its 2020 budget request to Congress, which it first outlined last week. That first glimpse promised savage cuts ...

The future of science in film  Science Magazine

Film is a universal language of modern societies. Larger-than-life images, stories, ideas, and characters portrayed in films can speak across the globe.

High-fructose corn syrup enhances intestinal tumor growth in mice  Science Magazine

Obesity increases an individual's risk of developing many types of cancer, including colorectal cancer. One of the factors driving the rise in obesity rates is ...

Something is rapidly killing young apples trees in North American orchards. Scientists are stumped  Science Magazine

Six years ago, an unpleasant surprise greeted plant pathologist Kari Peter as she inspected a research orchard in Pennsylvania. Young apple trees were ...

The reductive coupling of dinitrogen  Science Magazine

Whereas carbon is prone to making chains, nitrogen usually sticks to itself just once in the particularly stable form of N2. Légaré et al. now show that boron can ...

Philosophers and neuroscientists join forces to see whether science can solve the mystery of free will  Science Magazine

Philosophers have spent millennia debating whether we have free will, without reaching a conclusive answer. Neuroscientists optimistically entered the field in ...

Biologist's new book delivers natural world science with humor, accessible manner  Minneapolis Star Tribune

A Minnesota native, Robert Zink circles back with more clever, digestible takes on the natural world.

Adversarial attacks on medical machine learning  Science Magazine

With public and academic attention increasingly focused on the new role of machine learning in the health information economy, an unusual and ...

Autologous grafting of cryopreserved prepubertal rhesus testis produces sperm and offspring  Science Magazine

Before chemotherapy or radiation treatment, sperm from adult men can be cryopreserved for future use. However, this is not possible for prepubertal boys.

Scientists Are Trying to Get Rid of a Fundamental Measure Used in Science  ScienceAlert

For a while now, scientists have been debating what to do with one of the most famous tools used to describe scientific certainty, the concept of 'statistical ...

For these intrepid crickets, lava is home sweet home  Science Magazine

Last year, when the simmering Kilauea volcano had its most violent eruption in decades, massive molten rivers of lava slithered across a corner of the Big Island ...

March 22, 2019  Science Friday

The new face of the U.S. House Science Committee, Eddie Bernice Johnson, is putting her foot down over partisan bickering over science.

We Can't Take the Science Out of Our Clean Air Standards  Scientific American

You and I enjoy cleaner air thanks to air pollution standards based on science. But now that could change. Last week, science advisors to the US Environmental ...

Scientists have found a way to levitate objects with light  Fox News

Turns out the key to making things lighter than air is…light!

Science Is Soaring: Here's How To Pursue A STEM Career And Why It Matters  Forbes

Science and STEM jobs overall are hot, hot, hot. Here's how to remove assumptions and barriers to entry to ramp up skills to pursue this field.

Why Science Can't Prove Roundup Weed Killer Causes Cancer: Viewpoint  Insurance Journal

Scientists can't, for the most part, prove that a given product caused a particular person to get cancer – not the way you can prove, say, that a car with.

Editors' Choice  Science Magazine

Cross-sectional reconstruction of a C. elegans embryo (teal) showing higher (red) and lower (blue, green, and purple) morphogen concentrations.

Bonanza of Bizarre Cambrian Fossils Reveals Some of the Earliest Animals on Earth  Live Science

A newfound fossil site in China is teeming with bizarre, primitive species that have never before been found any place on Earth. The bounty of creatures includes ...

Wallace Broecker (1931–2019)  Science Magazine

Wallace (“Wally”) Smith Broecker died on 18 February at the age of 87. One of the most influential Earth scientists of the past century, Wally made foundational ...

Structural basis of α-scorpion toxin action on Nav channels  Science Magazine

Voltage-gated sodium (Nav) channels are key players in electrical signaling. Central to their function is fast inactivation, and mutants that impede this cause ...

My mix-and-match career  Science Advances

As 170 people sat down to dinner, I breathed a sigh of relief: The conference was going well. Running it was part of my job as a university program manager, ...

Machine learning for data-driven discovery in solid Earth geoscience  Science Magazine

Solid Earth geoscience is a field that has very large set of observations, which are ideal for analysis with machine-learning methods. Bergen et al. review how ...

Robots mediating interactions between animals for interspecies collective behaviors  Science

AAAS login provides access to Science for AAAS members, and access to other journals in the Science family to users who have purchased individual ...

Evolving resistance to pathogens  Science Magazine

In the 1950s, myxoma virus (MV) was intentionally released in Europe and Australia to control rabbit populations. A striking biological phenomenon ensued: The ...

Did judgmental gods help societies grow?  Science Magazine

Researchers investigate the role of 'big gods' in the foundation of large-scale human communities.

Genetics studies are too white – that’s failing people and science  New Scientist

Three-quarters of people in studies linking genetics and health are of white European descent, leading us to miss vital clues, says researcher Scott Williams.

Mysterious asteroid activity complicates NASA's sampling attempts  Science Magazine

Bennu's boulders, ejection plumes shift mission plans.

Seismic hum detected on Mars for the first time  Science Magazine

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS—After months of delicate maneuvering, NASA's InSight lander has finished placing its hypersensitive seismometer on the surface of ...

The Science of Innovation  Scientific American

Why do groups stop innovating well when they grow large? How can large teams or companies or research groups innovate faster and better? Over the past two ...

Humans may sense Earth's magnetic field  Science Magazine

A study published this week offers some of the best evidence yet that humans, like many other creatures, can sense Earth's magnetic field. But it doesn't settle ...

Propofol-induced deep sedation reduces emotional episodic memory reconsolidation in humans  Science Advances

The adjustment of maladaptive thoughts and behaviors associated with emotional memories is central to treating psychiatric disorders. Recent research ...

Vitamania: should we all be popping vitamin pills? – Science Weekly podcast  The Guardian

With almost half of British adults taking a daily vitamin, Graihagh Jackson and guests examine our love of supplements - including recent announcments about ...

People Are Becoming Increasingly Skeptical of Science, Report Finds  Fortune

According to 3M's State of Science Index, 45% of people only believe science that aligns with their personal beliefs.

The first science-themed DIY Peep diorama contest is open for voting

What do you know about marshmallow Peeps? Perhaps, as I learned from the history of Peeps Tanya Pai wrote for Vox two years ago, you know that the original ...

Sutureless repair of corneal injuries using naturally derived bioadhesive hydrogels  Science Advances

Corneal injuries are common causes of visual impairment worldwide. Accordingly, there is an unmet need for transparent biomaterials that have high adhesion, ...

Milwaukee Science's Williams is AP Wisconsin player of year  Minneapolis Star Tribune

When Shemera Williams started her freshman season at Milwaukee Academy of Science, she already had built a reputation on the club circuit. The word was ...

Who Will Science The Scientists?  FiveThirtyEight

The questions that kids ask about science aren't always easy to answer. Sometimes, their little brains can lead to big places that adults forget to explore. Tha…

A new method for ethical data science | Wellcome  Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Data Labs is applying a new method to solving data science problems so that potential negative consequences of algorithms are identified earlier in ...

Unlaid egg discovered in ancient bird fossil  Science Magazine

For the first time, researchers have found an unlaid egg inside a fossil bird. The find—belonging to a sparrow-size flyer that lived in northwestern China 110 ...

Who will win the Game of Thrones? What network science tells us  Quartz

Most questions on Game of Thrones are answered with the sharp end of a sword. Math and science aren't nearly as sexy, but numbers have a lot to say about ...

Gene-edited foods are safe, Japanese panel concludes  Science Magazine

Japan will allow gene-edited foodstuffs to be sold to consumers without safety evaluations as long as the techniques involved meet certain criteria, ...

WHO panel proposes new global registry for all CRISPR human experiments  Science Magazine

There's an “urgent need” to create a transparent global registry that would list all experiments related to human genome editing, an expert committee convened ...

Watch the world's smallest bear copy its friends' facial expressions  Science Magazine

Humans are master impersonators—even infants can mimic the facial expressions of their friends and parents. Other socially sophisticated primates can copy ...

For these intrepid crickets, Hawaii's lava is home sweet home  Science Magazine

Scientists probe how an insect colonizes Hawaii's *fresh* flows.

Scientists Reveal Ancient Social Networks Using AI—and X-Rays  WIRED

Historians are using data science to unearth overlooked female power brokers, imperial influencers, and other figures hidden in ancient texts.

Volcanic threats to global society  Science Magazine

When Mount Tambora in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia, erupted in 1815, more than 100 km3 of volcanic pyroclasts and ash were discharged into the ...

Empowering Latina scientists  Science Magazine

The #MeToo movement and other women's empowerment movements have raised awareness about hostile conditions for women scientists, stimulating ...

Does a new genetic analysis finally reveal the identity of Jack the Ripper?  Science Magazine

Forensic scientists say they have finally fingered the identity of Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer who terrorized the streets of London more than a ...

Trump once again requests deep cuts in U.S. science spending  Science Magazine

For the third year in a row, President Donald Trump's administration has unveiled a budget request to Congress that calls for deep spending cuts at many federal ...

Blood: the future of cancer diagnosis? – Science Weekly podcast  The Guardian

Could a simple blood test catch cancer before symptoms appear? Nicola Davis goes beyond the hype and investigates the future of blood diagnostics and ...

Ryugu probably came from one of these two other asteroids  Science News

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — The asteroid Ryugu is a chip off the old block. Planetary scientists on the Japanese Hayabusa2 spacecraft team have narrowed ...

The UFO community still believes — and science is starting to listen

In the last two years, scientists, politicians, and professionals have increasingly been willing to touch the taboo subject of UFOs and perhaps lend a little ...

Chop Up a Worm. It Will Regenerate. Scientists Figured Out Why.  The New York Times

Researchers identified the master control gene that enables worms to grow a new body, capturing the imagination of some humans looking for a *fresh* start.

Scientists call for moratorium on germline editing - Science & Tech  WORLD News Group

A group of prominent scientists and bioethicists from seven countries published an editorial in the journal Nature last week calling for a worldwide moratorium on ...

Toward a clearer view into human prehistory  Science Magazine

Nearly a decade has passed since the first ancient genome of a human was sequenced. Since then, rapidly increasing numbers of such sequences have ...

Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction  Science Magazine

Most 3D printing techniques involve adding material layer by layer. This sets some limitations on the types of applications for which 3D printing is suitable, such ...

Human sound systems are shaped by post-Neolithic changes in bite configuration  Science Magazine

In 1985, the linguist Charles Hockett proposed that the use of teeth and jaws as tools in hunter-gatherer populations makes consonants produced with lower lip ...

Trump’s budget slashes science. Here’s what would be lost.  Washington Post

A smaller budget at the National Science Foundation would mean 1000 fewer new grants and would reduce graduate student fellowships by 20 percent.

The oceanic sink for anthropogenic CO2 from 1994 to 2007  Science Magazine

The ocean is an important sink for anthropogenic CO2 and has absorbed roughly 30% of our emissions between the beginning of the industrial revolution and ...

Glenwood's Two Rivers School has a blast with science expedition  Glenwood Springs Post Independent

It actually felt really good to do that. It was awesome,” sixth grader Joshua Dahl said after setting off the first rocket of Two Rivers Community School's launch day ...

Humans—like other animals—may sense Earth's magnetic field  Science Magazine

A study published today offers some of the best evidence yet that humans, like many other creatures, can sense Earth's magnetic field. But it doesn't settle other ...

A master regulator of regeneration  Science Magazine

Hofstenia miamia, commonly called the three-banded panther worm, is a small flatworm that can be found along the shores of the Caribbean and other warm ...

Roll to Disbelieve Science Super Special! (#7) | Roll to Disbelieve: Earth Day Science Super Special! (#7)  Patheos

A collection of past posts about science and the natural world.

Parkinson's smell test explained by science  BBC News

A woman who can smell Parkinson's disease helps scientists discover what causes the musky odour.

Woolly Mammoth cells 28,000 years-old reactivated by science  Big Think

Japanese scientists have "reawakened" the cells of a 28000-year-old woolly mammoth baby. The research team, lead by 90-year-old Akira Iritani, say that it is ...

USDA is turning lab cats into cannibals by forcing them to eat feline meat, watchdog says  The Washington Post

Government scientists fed lab cats the meat of other cats and dogs, purchased in markets overseas, according to a report from an advocacy organization ...

Warming oceans are hurting seafood supply—and things are getting worse  Science Magazine

Marine fish around the world are already feeling the effects of climate change—and some are reeling, according to the first large analysis of recent trends.

Girls who share a womb with boys tend to make less money than those with twin sisters  Science Magazine

Provocative study looked at more than 700000 births over more than a decade.

Scientists luck upon a new way to make a rainbow  Science Magazine

Chemists have stumbled across a new way to separate reflected light into the colors of the rainbow—a phenomenon known as iridescence. The surprisingly ...

Bloodhound's 1,000mph car project given financial boost | Science  The Guardian

A British project to build a jet-powered car that will travel at more than 1,000mph is back on track under new ownership after being saved from the scrapyard at ...

The residence time of Southern Ocean surface waters and the 100000-year ice age cycle  Science Magazine

The periodicity of glacial cycles changed from 100,000 to 41,000 years during the middle of the Pleistocene epoch. Why? Hasenfratz et al. measured the oxygen ...

Cover Reveal: Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration :: Comics :: Features :: Immigration :: Paste  Paste Magazine

It's something of an understatement to state that borders and immigration are… controversial topics in 2019 America. Without diving too deeply into our current ...

Physicist Marcelo Gleiser: 'Science does not kill God'  ABS-CBN News

WASHINGTON - The annual Templeton Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to 'affirming life's spiritual dimension,' was awarded Tuesday to ...

Truly Spooky: How Ghostly Quantum Particles Fly Through Barriers Almost Instantly  Live Science

At the subatomic level, particles can fly through seemingly impassable barriers like ghosts. For decades, physicists have wondered just how long this so-called ...

Redefining near-unity luminescence in quantum dots with photothermal threshold quantum yield  Science Magazine

A challenge to improving synthesis methods for superefficient light-emitting semiconductor nanoparticles is that current analytical methods cannot measure ...

Cut the Science Budget? Not So Fast  The New York Times

Contrary to first impressions, Congress has stood up for scientific research.

Curing HIV just got more complicated. Can CRISPR help?  Science Magazine

Scientists probe cellular hideouts for HIV and show that CRISPR can still cut the AIDS virus from DNA in monkeys.

Vaccine opponents attack US science panel  Science Magazine

ATLANTA—The U.S. antivaccine movement has found a new front for its attacks on scientists and their work: gatherings of the Advisory Committee on ...

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Science  WIRED

The latest AI algorithms are probing the evolution of galaxies, calculating quantum wave functions, discovering new chemical compounds and more. Is there.

It's spring already? Physics explains why time flies as we age: A slowdown in image processing speeds up our perception of time passing as we age  Science Daily

Researchers have a new explanation for why those endless days of childhood seemed to last so much longer than they do now -- physics. According to the ...

Hachimoji DNA and RNA: A genetic system with eight building blocks  Science Magazine

DNA and RNA are naturally composed of four nucleotide bases that form hydrogen bonds in order to pair. Hoshika et al. added an additional four synthetic ...

3 Hudson County high school students heading to international science competition

Three whiz kids who won the Jersey City Medical Center/RWJ Barnabas Health STEM Showcase will now travel to Phoenix to represent Hudson County at the ...

Climate change impacts on fisheries  Science Magazine

Food security, climate change, and their complex and uncertain interactions are a major challenge for societies and ecologies (1). Global assessments of ...

Motor cortical control of vocal interaction in neotropical singing mice  Science Magazine

The ability to take turns is a hallmark of social interaction among animals. It occurs in many different species, from dueting birds to frogs, and is a notable part of ...

Scientists call for global moratorium on gene editing of embryos  The Guardian

Crispr 'tops list' of recent scientific discoveries with massive consequences for humanity, says lead proponent.

A small-molecule fusion inhibitor of influenza virus is orally active in mice  Science Magazine

Many of us rely on seasonal vaccines for protection against influenza and are only too aware of their limited breadth. Broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) ...

Artificial meat: UK scientists growing 'bacon' in labs  BBC News

British scientists have joined the race to produce meat grown in the lab rather than reared on the hoof. Scientists at the University of Bath have grown animal ...

Super worm moon – in pictures | Science  The Guardian

Wednesday night's rare occurrence of a super worm moon coincided with the equinox. The name is a nod to the emergence of worms from the soil around the ...

Ultima Thule may be a frankenworld  Science News

The first geologic map of Ultima Thule shows it might be made of many smaller rocks that clumped together under the force of their own gravity.

Testosterone limits for female athletes not backed by science, say academics  The Guardian

Proposed regulations on testosterone levels in women's athletics have been criticised by academics who say they are not backed by scientific evidence and risk ...

Why You Want to Eat This Baby Up: It’s Science  The New York Times

One night back in the 1990s, I dreamed that I'd been stabbed in the stomach. When I bolted awake, pain sent me hurtling to the bathroom where I threw up.

Disrupting forensic science and playing with fire - Conversations  ABC Local

Chemist and fire scene investigator Niamh Nic Daeid on doing science in the *service* of justice.

Tuning superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene  Science Magazine

The discovery of superconductivity and exotic insulating phases in twisted bilayer graphene has established this material as a model system of strongly ...

Deal reveals what scientists in Germany are paying for open access  Science Magazine

Project Deal, a consortium of libraries, universities, and research institutes in Germany, has unveiled an unprecedented deal with a major journal ...

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